Friday, 31 December 2010

I took this photo - I am quite sure of it. The CRAZY COMPANY took the rest upon the page.

ROZ took this one:

...and MCDONALD took this one - he was particularly proud of it and kept on pointing it out as indicative of something...which he couldn't quite describe...a very 'special' place for some reason:

Valea Viilor - a Saxon village in Transylvania

i remember now - the ROYAL PRINCES were holed up there...watching us on this 'crazy tour'...
In RED: invin

Yes, reading through 'vagabond couple' - CHINESE intelligence appear to be telling me that the TASCHMANNS were behind the lot...and to 'tag' GILL.

They must have been through everything with a fine tooth comb...the final destination being THE FORBIDDEN CITY...and its analogy - BUCKINGHAM PALACE and any other ROYAL residence...

I gave CHINESE INTELLIGENCE as much information as I could...and that would have included the route map, access to photos...the describe the hellish 'game' that we had been put through...

MARITINA was GILL...he told us that he couldn't come on the journey...but he used to turn up now and then...if he was particularly interested in a destination.

IVAN was Czech intelligence...IVAN DUBCEK and 'FREDDY' not 'naty'...
in RED: hargent

i wrote the above post about MCDONALD who used to disappear into US consulates now and then to reappear indiscriminately with 'disinformation'...upon the CRAZY COMPANY's tour of the world...see ROZ's film about MCDONALD's role...

So I wanted to remind myself of something...about KAZAKHSTAN and TASHKENT on the border...
in DARK BLUE: thunisse

For some reason, I have had the above URL for a map of KAZAKHSTAN in my browser for some time now...
In DARK BLUE: gromones

i now fully understand what the JAPANESE MA students were pointing out in relation to NO THEATRE and the little boy who dresses up as a girl and dances upon the table for the elders, in DEREK JARMAN's relation to the PRINCE who dresses up as a woman and dances at the enemy court to overthrow the king...

At SOLIHULL SCHOOL - GILL invariably took the female roles in any given play...and he didn't mind...he rather liked playing one play, he had to do three female parts because nobody else would play the 'girls'...the lead female role, a secondary one and a walk-on, no-speaking part as the servant...the CIA LAB viewed it all...yes, GILL was a great hit as a woman...particularly the EAST END accent (which he used to 'forget' to modify according to the part he was playing, now and then)...hoots of laughter followed his third entrance on stage as the servant in a bonnet (what a quick change artist)...
In DARK BLUE: sudeous

The 'jokes' got dirtier...I can remember a party, standing next to that presenter of the extreme makeover program and she HATED the dress that ARABELLA was I teamed up with her (for personal reasons) to do something about it...let us simply put it this way - photos then turned up at all press offices of ARABELLA unconscious on the floor with a wine bottle and glass by her head...with diarrhoea down the back of that 'offending' dress...yes the 'presenter' knew a command to make slaves do that...we had stunned ARABELLA then injected her with something beforehand...such is life, in ill culture...
In RED: swerrou

Yes, FANG - aka MARTIN GILL and his false set of teeth - with those 'incisors'. It was all planned.

Last night I had a very strange dream of an ill cult rite...GILL and I escaped out of the main hall to be taunted by a young, vicious blond-haired man of the aristocracy...spitting at me for wanting to marry 'MORGANA VAMPYRA' - his nickname for 'Roumanian Prince' MARTIN GILL (all ridiculous - he was half-Japanese as it turned out)...

Anyway, CAROLINE and the PRINCE OF MONACO had upped the GYDE family status by association...COLETTE'S I retorted to blond imp: LOW-BORN fact I used to shout this at him and his group quite a bit until PRINCE WILLIAM told me 'look RABBIT - you have to be good about it' those of a lower status.

We were all in child alters I suppose...all 'GORMENGHAST'.
In RED:monuctri

By ゲイ on (Untitled Post) at 17:37

By プチ家出 on (Untitled Post) on 30/12/10

I have now found the 'offending' comments from OBAMA - under SPAM upon EMB's blogspot.

Japanese translation of the lot:

The right to encounter even gayly is certain. Of course, normal even with it is the register possible with interest basis, you can experience, the pleasure of the rank which makes the woman forget certainly probably is. Being free, it does not try using the special bulletin board or, By gay ON (Untitled Post) at 17:37

Making use of winter vacation the leaving home bulletin board appearance where the girl who is in the midst of petite leaving home meets! As for being able to rescue them who have been troubled only [anata] it is. You rescuing of course that please try favorite. Because there are debts which it has rescuing while also the characteristic slave is thinking By petite leaving home ON (Untitled Post) ON 30/12/10

...and a TRADITIONAL CHINESE translation:

ゲ イ に も leaves meets い を す る 権 the advantage は あ る の で す. も ち ろ ん ノ ー マ ル の Fang でも the interest pleasure standard で possibly ascends 録 で す よ, き っ と the female を to forget れ さ せ て く れ る the position の, the quick 楽 が body 験 で き る で し ょ う. 専 the gate の 掲 shows the board を not to have the material で to cause っ て み ま せ ん か By ゲ イ on (Untitled Post) at 17:37 The winter rests み を the use し て の プ チ family to have の the young girl が collection う family to leave 掲 shows the board to be taken to the threshing ground! Sleepy っ て い る other female reaches を rescues え る の は ア ナ タ し か い ま せ ん. も ち ろ ん rescues っ て あ げ た expensive Fang の good き な よ う に し て under さ い. Rescues っ て も ら っ た negative い item が to have る か ら the slave 隷 も to think of い の ま ま the By プ チ family to leave on (Untitled Post) on 30/12/10
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There were no new comments to be moderated upon the BLOGGER dashboard this morning - so I am assuming that these are all bogus:

Unread ゲイ [Eliza Manningham-Buller] New comment on . 17:37 8KB
Unread Anonymous [Stella Rimington] New comment on Stella Rimington. Thu, 30/12/10 8KB
Unread プチ家出 [Eliza Manningham-Buller] New comment on . Thu, 30/12/10 8KB
Unread Antony [Richard Tomlinson and the Russians] New comment on Richard Tomlinson and the Russians.. Thu, 30/12/10 7KB

ゲイ - GAY in Japanese

the family leaves in TRADITIONAL CHINESE プチ家出 -

in JAPANESE - Petite leaving home

yes a death threat in relation to my father's nickname for my sister...and the 'little' family is also referenced.

OBAMA then tried to get ROZ to screw me...I memory dumped her and then him - CAROLINE and myself then took control of the lot.

See if you can guess what happened to OBAMA next?
In GREEN: cutan
In GREEN: yodeweb
In GREEN: ingsph

Yes, this article is all about 'history'...the top ROTHSCHILDS/top ill cult were all taken out...but the ROTHSCHILD frequency program the CIA LAB put together these faces...of the ROBOTS in charge of implementing it.

TISCH was the worst, as far as I can remember.

Remember what happened to JACOB ROTHSCHILD at his frequency control desk - TODDY murdered him.

A lot of the article is disinformation as per usual...instead of deprogramming PALESTINIANS...and getting them to a 'place of safety' - the usual crap about fighting the joos to gain control of ISRAEL...when there is no 'power base' there anymore, to fight over...SHIN BEIT is down...the OIL FIELD is gone and there is no money (there never was)...Israel is a lost cause.

The importance of the article is the photos...all on the CIA LAB 'target list'.

...and of course, the most interesting point to us...OBAMA had appointed these people to 'protect him' for the rest of his life.

The money never went to ISRAEL went to KAZAKHSTAN/IRAN/JAPAN in the well as the BRITISH ROYAL coffers.

...AMADEUS who was still around at that point was to opine that if JOOS/PALESTINIANS were still willing to 'fight over nothing' in ISRAEL goaded on by fools from other countries...why not let them? We agreed...human nature...
I now have to type in RED: calsfrat

imsopho - yes I can remember...the only 'clever' person on OBAMA's network in terms of remote-viewing...was my sister we had to tag order to keep a lid on her.
in DARK BLUE: imsopho

More ill SPAM this morning:

Unread Nadel Halioua I need your assistance (From Mrs Nadel Halioua). Fri, 31/12/10 19KB
Unread Mrs Victoria. Your Urgent reply pls. Thu, 30/12/10 8KB
Unread Mr Awudu Musa I NEED YOUR URGENT RESPONSE. Thu, 30/12/10 13KB

i now have to type in RED:

This new BLOG OF NOTE is a pisstake of OBAMA - after he had gone undercover.

Yes, the incidents are all taken from OBAMA's 'younger life' before he became 'president'.

Some we remote-viewed...and some he had told us about...

The RADIO post was a disguised account of his career in the CIA, working radio frequency desks...
In GREEN: whesy

Yes, being a rebel wasn't enough to determine 'good character' just meant that OBAMA wanted to be 'top dog' of the ill we were to find out.

CAROLINE and myself decided to change the plans...we weren't going to wait for 2012...we were going to do things 'our own personal way'.
i now have to type in DARK BLUE: menams

CAROLINE's blog opened up a whole can of worms in relation to memories, yesterday.

OBAMA, satisfied that MARK R was dead and AMADEUS 'dealt with' - figured that he was now 'god' of GREEN TOWER and decided to screw everybody. He would become president - the first ill cult jewish black president and 'rule the world'.

Naturally, it was not to be.

As soon as he had 'gone undercover' to begin his 'fake life' as an AMERICAN citizen - yes, he was always a KENYAN...and Royalty...we screwed him back.

You see, once undercover - he had 'no memories' of what had been going on at GREEN TOWER.
I now PASTE up in RED: murboac

dark blue: COTLYSA

Darkblue: carevain

OBAMA -poor sop - got confused by SUE WALKER and the brilliant science female student - she was naturally BLONDE...but who had dyed her hair green - so a hiccup in files eh?

Let us just leave it at that.

SUE WALKER - that brain-dead piece of robotic pile - treated the above as her history, by the changing of records....okay until the factory and the ammunitions department have got nothing in them...and you know what I MEAN?

OBAMA and your 'robotic pile' at your feet.

YOU got the BRAIN-DEAD we got the 'intelligensia'.

If you hadn't been so ill - i would have given you all information...but you were simply an ILL CULT JEW and BLACK was your you know, colour of skin made no difference to me....
OBAMA needs to have his head examined...why on earth would he turn against the rebel group once he had got to power?
In DARK BLUE: dipsu

Is this the right time to talk about a naturally blonde haired woman at 6TH FORM COLLEGE...who dyed her her LIGHT show her programming as one of NANKEVILLE's radio operatives of that frequency control desk behind that WHITE DOOR in full view of reception? I am quite sure it doesn't exist now...but even so...

It was her attempt to show how she had been programmed - easy to track....she was the only woman, as far as I know...doing a full score of SCIENCE A' LEVELS in SEV's year.
In RED: matorm

OBAMA if you have a truly ARAB or MUSLIM bone in your body - you will secure the rehabilitation of the PALESTINIANS in other countries who can and will care for them.

First up:


Let the JOOS have their tiny strip of land - they have already got all of the OIL out from under it (or rather SHIN BEIT have for the SAUDIS)...take the PALESTINIANS away to a better life elsewhere, upon the globe...but in deprogramming centres...obviously we do not want them to spread TADPOLE culture....a simple head scarf to show that one is not 'sexually available' should do...

That is all women only take their headscarf off when they have met the man that they want to is a simple gesture but highly significant...

...and understood by quite a few cultures in fact, as the world's biggest 'secret' culturally...the CIA LAB noted it all but I am not at liberty to say who, when and where...

Yes, when a teenager, or young woman, or old woman (yes, there were cases) took off their head scarf in immediately became a 'family matter' and the FAMILY held the right to say 'yes' or 'no' to the relation to whether the partner was a 'good thing' or not...

Very happy societies and very happy marriages resulted - because of the above system.

Most cases, almost unbelievably for WESTERN eyes, turned out 'accepted by both families' and ended in extremely happy marriages....for those that didn't...the woman was told to put her HEADSCARF back on again...named and shamed...and to 'try again'...
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: saxingly

The TADPOLES were never 'harmful' to me...and i knew it...on the same network...but they were 'robots' and i wasn't...I had to help them in the end, COLETTE knew...she had seen the lot.

i was 'deep undercover' ARABIC network.

One PALESTINIAN woman broke talk to me about 'how it was' for her...only allowed out of PALESTINE which had become a couldn't travel freely anywhere...although 'conditions' were not that bad...good, even...the point was that you couldn't LEAVE THE COUNTRY....unless you got through a 'mouse-hole'...and that meant signing up for AMADEUS/MARK R's lot - to work and weave the worst evil....she didn't like it but she did was a chance to live in another learn...and so she had been allowed to 'leave' in order to study and she knew that she would never have the chance to leave PALESTINE again...

So if you want to resolve the PALESTINIAN situation - GIVE THEM PASSPORTS TO THE WORLD...and deprogramming centres...such as the one that HULBRUSCH provided in SWEDEN...the ill have the money...they can do it...problem solved.

They all want to GET OUT of PALESTINE...let's face it - who wouldn't?

The whole notion that they are 'fighting for their land back' is a LIE...most of them turned up in PALESTINE forced out by ARAB MR D'JANI said - the reality of ARAB MUSLIM families forced out of EAST JERUSALEM was just over a family residences...the ill cult give so much disinformation about about it now...the woman that I had met at ESSEX UNIV. had real family and really turned out of buildings in the EAST OF is important that these people are given back their is NOT important that the millions of PALESTINIANS who have now been grouped together as the 'nobody wants you in ARAB COUNTRIES because you don't tow the line) are dealt with fairly...deprogrammed and given another chance to start another life, in countries other than JERUSALEM, ISRAEL...they had no ties or bonds there in the first place and the heart of their programming will show that one up...
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: bannyl

As the Western women upon ESSEX CAMPUS knew however, these aggressive and sometimes physically violent 'TAPOLE' students...were to be 'sympathised with' even though they invited no sympathy.

They were BATTERY FARMED...and not allowed the freedom of us 'free-range eggs'.

Yes, that one, was hard to take at the time...I remember looking at them in one or two classes and thinking 'are you crazy'?

The TADPOLES in BURKHAS dictated the entire Western student dared to speak...including the lecturer.

i LAUGHED about it in the end and that was the end of classes for me...I didn't want ill cult ISLAMIC indoctrination. It didn't interest me - somehow, I 'knew it all'. I have no idea why, but I did.
Something 'nesty in the wood shed' if OBAMA doesn't change his tune and quickly...
I now have to type in RED: maticuou

You want 'brilliant'?

Let me give you a clue.

OUT all CIA blackmail photos of these guys EATING BABIES.

Brilliant. Destroys them and their influence/careers in a second (you have the undercover tapes - MCDONALD knows where they are and under torture - he would probably give the keys up).

Try it - you would be the first to expose them...if not, they are all on a timer system to be released throughout the world...some countries have already got the image you have been warned.

...and let us not forget the videos that I tracked and traced from TODDY's ROTHSCHILDs' desk...and then made 'freely available' really wouldn't want anybody to know...but they will, they will...

If you do not ACT stop the NWO jooish ZIONIST cause that you had pledged yourself to as a SABBATEAN JOO...acting like a MUSLIM and believing in CHALDEAN BEEHIVE TALMUD shit...SH .IT.

SH jesuit shit - remember - still the same old number - EATING BABIES.

SH - I.T. means eating babies - the sum total of your sick and disgusting, satanic religion.

Then look at the BRITISH ROYALS who always figured that they were JOOS...SABBATEAN JOOS...they got circumcised...

ISLAMICS also get circumcised...the whole DEATH CULT was in ISLAM before JUDAISM was ever born...the whole 'I AM A BOY CHILD HOMOSEXUAL SEX SLAVE' was born in ISLAM and the cultures before it...that terrible signalling system that TOMLINSON did, in the ISLAMIC pound of the GAOL, in order to keep himself alive...

I wash my hands of the lot of you.

I really do.

What do I really mean by ISLAM?

history books tell us that is a more 'modern' religion that JUDAISM but it isn't...not in the ways that it is practised is SATANIC...every TADPOLE that you see...yes, ESSEX UNIVERSITY students used to call those women who were entirely aggressive in body as well as speech - in BURKAHS...physically aggressive women...the in programmed by the ROCKEFELLER POLES to 'get away with anything'...and they did, in the main...they did...assaulting other students...shouting their 'vindictive right to have their say' and no other INTERPRETATION of the text in class, was allowed...terrible times...
Yes, the choice between ORANGE and GREEN...not a happy one.

i now have to type in DARK BLUE: oveysc

JESUITS and DRUIDS - both ill.

OBAMA has to be clever enough to deal with both.

Do not rely upon EITHER - that is all I can say. Do something 'brilliant'.
In RED: minezeay

In RED; kersetog

Yes, OBAMA - you are still an ill cult BLACK JOO and nobody likes you because of it...not those with 'power' at any rate, those who are not 'ill' anymore.

You were programmed to bring in the NWO and you were an ex-director of the CIA - so how about a 'change of leaf' eh?

otherwise you get blown up - that is all I know.

if you still have MCDONALD by your side - 'jump him' and sack him - he got ORANGE under deal with him.
BLOGGER now requires me to type in GREEN:theal

The whole thing is falling apart - a faulty boiler system and pipes...LEAKS cannot control it...and it will drown your underground base...

We are the FAULTY LEAKING PIPES of your ill cult system...we are the faulty leaking pipes of your veins and arteries....we are going to destroy every single little bit of ill cult culture and political control.
I now have to type in RED: coweept

We were not 'birds' though...and those programmed as 'vultures' could appear and disappear at will...stop time...take out a whole CROW network in one go...the BIRD thing was all an ILLUSION.

WHY 'coweept'? I am not weeping...if any of the ill are still alive now...they should rightly be weeping with fear...they do not last long. Nasty - very nasty.
I now begin to understand why TODDY was so captivated by the CROW network...there was a lot of them...they could fly really high but not that relation to other species of birds...obviously controlling a CROW network of remote-viewers was an optimum power base.
Add to that - 1980 and PAT ANDREW getting very angry with the top military and ROYALS present at FORT MONCKTON...somebody had screwed the databases...she had so many young people down as EAGLES who were really SPARROWS and so forth...

It is tempting to think that RIMINGTON with her love of 'archiving' had managed to screw those databases...
So MCDONALD when I wrote that fairytale about the 'BIRDS OF THE AIR' and the only birds not to turn against the ill cult were the PIGEONS...and you were running them, right?

Those programmed as PIGEONS were run by you and the TASCHMANNS...because they are EVERYWHERE...a pest and pestilence a lot of the the TASCHMANNS didn't care at all...they figured that one 'cool'...I mean if you control the EAGLE network - how small is your network? All remote-viewers have similar abilities - so what the hell? You are a ROBIN, WREN, EAGLE, VULTURE...etc etc...

The only differentiation appeared to be 'how high you could fly' and VULTURES could fly highest...RIMINGTON was one of them...last night i was to learn that my family had been hidden as EAGLES but were in fact all capable of 'vulture' wonder RIMINGTON homed in on us...
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Japanese Garden
And Meditation Centre Pure Land, Nottinghamshire, UK

MCDONALD adds the above - why?

'because i am NOT representative of MCDONALDS food chain' he tells me...

No - I can see that - MCDONALD'S FARM as in the get me the HARRY POTTER money back NOW.

LOCAL COUNCILS and MCDONALDS...yes, really work it out...DC in so many references to CLACTON COUNCIL...haven't I pointed that one out enough times?

MCDONALD even gave me a clue upon the fountains in the main square of CLACTON...not when they were 'in motion' as it were...not summer...he pointed to the pigeons above MCDONALDS and told me that it was odd, wasn't it...that they all congregated there...between those two WHITE POLES.

Yes, WHITE POLES - we worked that one out, quite a long time ago.

What about teh JAPANESE - that is what i want to know.

You had PRINCE PHILIP's CIA WHITE BASE upon one of their then have YAKUSA BOSS working it all out and getting a grip on the lot of them...but because he hadn't deprogrammed...he just treated it all as an S/M MANGA computer game...

...and you know the rest.

What i want to say is this - was JAPANESE YAKUSA boss still controlled from behind by an UBER-CIA division?

It seems likely...he would have had so many 'mouse holes' into his programming...if he hadn't de-microchipped and he was still 'ill'...despite having created the technology to defeat the entire ill cult - from his frequency desk.

So yes, once I had tried to explain it all to the MOB in direct and simple sentences...who needs verbage/garbage...that is what they liked me for...straight to the pissing around...PANTY STOCKING and GARTERBELT was created - as an aide memoire to the whole thing...

BI coded out each booth...basically to remind themselves after 'memory dump' as to who was 'alive' and who wasn't...that is what they told me, anyway...whether ROZ and I agreed with that one, is another matter...we were 'off on our own' as PANTY AND STOCKING at that point...

If you start off with the REINDEER as BOTTOM of the top ill cult tier...see how BI had covered their eyes with the cap to show that these people were mainly BLIND followers of the ill cult...although a significant proportion weren't...

...and then work your way to the WATCHES...which denoted the WATCHERS from the RADIO CONTROL TOWERS...the BRITISH PRINCES counted themselves as 'WATCHERS'...then you can get an idea of the hierarchy.

For example those 'chipmunks' didn't say CHIPMUNK to me at all, at first...they said WOMBAT...

The KITTIES were those like ROZ and maybe it was more of a POWER hierarchy than status...that is what MARK R told me, at any rate.

The VLADMIR PUTIN cats...MIR CATS are quite low down...

...wait and see who really controlled the 'roost' in the next photo...
My 'hold' over SCARLETT and TODDY as a child...what I had been taught...meant that i could force them to help me during this ill cult game...and SCARLETT then introduced me to a working class woman who was a 'phenomenon' to him...she could 'screw electrics' everywhere she went...I looked at her childhood and realised that she was 'just like me'...screwing TODDY's electrics in his house in BLACKHEATH...after that, it was easy...BI had 'missed' loads of people...adults and children...they were our HOPE.

'Inside' the concrete 'control tower' of AMADEUS's base...a SCARLETT PINK straw and BROKEN GREEN GLASS - as well as a ubiquitous pile of leaves (bodies?)...what could it mean?

I might add that there were quite a few SCARLETT PINK and WHITE straws upon the bridge, this well as one YELLOW and WHITE one...or maybe more...i couldn't be bothered to count...the wind and rain will wash them all off...
MEN who are now waking up to it all and looking through their shed/garage etc and coming across 'strange and bizarre' equipment...yes, you were part of it just have to remember what you did, how and why...along with your partner who 'saw energy flows'.

HENRY had to build 'bridges' after MEMORY yes, a lot of people should be waking up now to the brilliant part that they took in defeating the ill cult and their control towers, frequency desks.
At this point I must explain that HENRY realised that a lot of women 'as little girls' could do what he could do...he searched them out...and then got them to 'help their men' their garages/sheds etc...with their experimentation with all things electronic...requiring a knowledge of PHYSICS...the women (and sometimes also children) helped the father/husband to build radio devices that would and did defeat the ill cult radio frequency control desks...all over the country. It worked.

The above 'concrete bower' (think ROE-ME-O and JEW-LI-ATE, as AMADEUS was to tell me) symbolic of the castle/military base of AMADEUS.

The SAS have coded it out.

They had designed that 'white/red bag' hanging off the bush to look like a WHITE FOX...apparently but I am not sure why...I do know that the DR PEPPER can was supposed to symbolise the DOCTORS of WHO - who have turned against the ill cult and are staking it the FOREIGN OFFICE fox got 'strung up' because of it...please explain, SAS.
A woman with 'black eyes' as in 'dark energy' - with grey short hair in a grey fitted woollen coat/jacket and silver keys, black bag - has just walked into MAGNET HOUSE...behind somebody else who opened the door for her...she has to be apprehended...a RIMINGTON substitute.

Yes, an odd one...JESUITS at sea...that is what I shall call these photos...

At this point i should mention a wine at cut-price at M&S which has a dark green label and a GOLD CROWN upon it as well as the cap...the PRINCE OF MONACO had labelled it THE PRINCES/ROYAL FAMILY (internationally)...i.e. any 'ROYALTY' of the ill cult who still wanted to be my advice is - get a bottle for NEW YEAR.





...between the BLACK BOLLARDS and upon the beginning of the bridge...and i was reminded of the song 'fade to grey' who did that one?

Maybe it wasn't VISAGE but that is what came up as a reference...

The FOOTBALL TEAM added this one 'on the bridge' for some reason...
The MASONS put this one up as a 'reminder' but I am not sure of what...all I know is that the woman's name was to remind them of RIMINGTON and as far as I know...she isn't dead...I saw her a few weeks ago in CLACTON...and I can also remember the ill cult blocking her comments upon my blog now...they didn't want us to get in contact...see NORA's comments about how she was so surprised that 'they' hadn't got me by now...

Yes, networks - he was just a sad, lonely and confused little boy...unable to trust a single soul in this world because of ill cult abuse...but on the other hand he was also a GENOCIDAL WANKER.

yes the ill cult were then to tell me that I would have to turn up at this NEW YEAR'S EVE party - where all of the CRAZY COMPANY would be in attendance...TOMLINSON's idea...all in MASKS of course...very ill...

Now, having learnt that if any of us dared to kiss any one of would trigger dire suicide commands...or was it 'fatal illness commands', that is more specific...


TOMLINSON - you out and out betrayed us all.

The above illustrate my point about the envelope (which I then discarded) and the 'fire escape' what a joke...
Okay - I went for my walk this morning…and as I went out onto the landing of the first floor of BELLE COURT - I saw a brown ‘benefits’ envelope…it was by the window that my neighbour had told me a CHP representative had told her was supposed to be the ‘fire escape’…

The CHP rep wasn’t wrong…that is what the ill had planned…a fire in the basement ‘cages room’ and then nobody could get down the stairs (because the abasement door is by the foot of the stairs)…only one way out of the building - no ‘fire escape’ at all…surely that is illegal?

So one assumes that somebody will have a ‘wild party’ tonight…NOT ME…they will let in some programmed ill cult anarchists…who will set fire to the building and then we all go up in smoke…SCARLETT’s POLICE/SAS/ARMY please check it out…

Remember NEW YEAR in 2000? The FISHWICKS had borrowed my parents’ WHITE HOUSE flat on WATERLOO BRIDGE…and apparently the whole place went crazy…security at reception couldn’t control the building at all…crazy drunken revellers everywhere on every floor…people were gate-crashing each other’s parties…apparently everybody gave up the idea of ‘private parties’ and left their doors open…etc etc…the amount of spilt drink, mud and broken glass as well as general trash everywhere…took quite a while to clear up after the event…

So okay, this isn’t 2000 but it has been an unsettling year for most…and there might be problems this NEW YEAR’S EVE…all over the country.

Tonight will probably be the ill cult’s last ditch stance to do something terrible…they were a DOOMSDAY cult…and 2000 was the year that their TEMPLAR CASTLE as owned by LEVY aka LORD BLUEBERRY…got burnt down…

STEVE NORMAN's shoes...apparently the ill used to tie the laces so tight that they cut off the blood supply and then they forced you to dance upon 'numb' feet...the pain was 'tranced out'...disassociated after taking the shoes off.

What else?

'BRIEF' in EPISODE 13 of panty, stocking garterbelt...they used to freeze the penises of little boys...'cold torture' and they used to tell them that their penis would then drop off...yes, that SNOW penis outside my window and the microchips...was all about that one.

I can remember now...the ill then tried to delete all images of SPANDAU BALLET in KILTS upon the a brave few went off to PRAGUE...and as far as I know - TONY HADLEY to the left...but STEVE NORMAN looks a bit unrecognisable nowadays...

I remember briefly meeting SPANDAU BALLET and TODDY was to show me this video...yes, it is encapsulates the lot:


You have a 'KOOLY BEAR' type from the FOREIGN have the 'gold child' who is trying to hide but ends up getting murdered...aka a JAMES BOND style...sprayed all gold...death...cellular death because the skin cannot breathe. One member of the band pointed out his RED SUIT...presumably as indicative of the ROTHSCHILDS...playing the DNA of the saxophone...

Anyway, I should mention this about SCOTTIE's little girl alter...she was taught SCOTTISH DANCING dressed as a little girl in a kilt...

I had ballet at the French school...the paedophiles would come in and rape the young children within the ballet practice room...they would end up bleeding on the floor, crying in pain...I am assuming something similar happened to the SCOTTISH DANCERS...and that is why SPANDAU BALLET is such a big clue...this group used to dress up in KILTS a lot...

This is a miniscule image at the end of an EMILY GYDE search.

I can remember MARK R saying that it was an 'ear' which it obviously isn' then I figured that it was miniscule for a reason...DIGITAL I enlarged it (on WINDOWS VIEWER and snipped it) to find 'icecream' colours appear to the right, in the main...

The networks are saying 'it's a SCARAB' - yes, i thought so too...



Something to do with OBAMA then?

Going through the new additions to an EMILY GYDE search on after 8 mint with nuts on it, has turned up. yes, a simple image to describe AFTER THE CIA '64' program MONEY MINT...not a ROYAL one I would have thought because 'are there any of them left'?

The demonisation of this guy - that is what MARK R hoped would happen - because with those 'SATANIC EYEBROWS' - who wouldn't think that the guy was up to no good?

"More time to quiz landlord over Jo Yeates murder
Jo Yeates's body was found on Christmas Day Continue reading the main story
Police have been given 12 more hours to question the landlord of Jo Yeates about her murder."


You might learn something about ROTHSCHILD programming from this video...I mean the PRAGUE ROTHSCHILD who helped my family so much - had a microchip in his neck...

Not the same guy in the latest edition of the BIG ISSUE...but a similar fate.

TIMOTHY PEAKE was in the BIG ISSUE as European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut.

MCDONALD had told me to feel sorry for PEAKE...he was forcibly commanded to take on the job of manning a space station...yes, the term astronaut means 'manning a satellite' really....a hellish job - nobody in their right mind would want to do it is dangerous and he would rather not endanger his life because who would look after his family after his death? See previous notes today on MILITARY pensions...

Anyway, we can almost certainly say the above for this guy:

British-born astronaut Piers Sellers has been appointed an OBE in the New Year Honours List for his services to science.

Dr Sellers, who was born in Crowborough, East Sussex, has flown on three space shuttle missions - most recently in May this year.

Like other astronaut candidates born outside the US, he had to become an American citizen to be considered.
...and CAROLINE's reference to 'why wait for 2012 when we can do it now' sort of thing...yes, OBAMA get your act together now or suffer the consequences. No time left.
your reference to MITES...yes, perhaps I should have written about that MINT PLANT started to die off but it had plenty of seed I took them... cut the plant back (remembering that in the extreme cold, the mint plant at EAGLE HOUSE died but then came back to life from the stalks in Spring) was suffering from the freezing cold of the window sill every night...

Anyway, somebody appeared to be videoing me doing this - from TRAVELODGE...weird...

I had noted the MITES upon that plant which were weaving invisible threads around the I washed them off the SEED PODS...and threw all of the debris away...every MITE...and then I remembered MARK R saying that he and his family were the MITES upon that plant...well, good riddance to the MITES then.

So I then replanted the seeds and put a bit more compost on top...and so we shall see if anything comes again next Spring...

The white tub is still on my window sill...because I now like the idea of a 'bit of earth' around...

yes, CAROLINE...I can remember GILL as 'j' having nightmares about VILLEPIN for some reason...and i figured at the time...because the man looked like his father MR GILL a bit...but on the other hand, maybe it was about VILLE/TOWN + PINHEAD?

Of course...VEAL TOWN PIN...that was what either TOMLINSON or PRINCE WILLIAM told me...I was supposed to be 'VEAL' as in COW...
Where I decide to celebrate the 911 on a blog which n' d' is not that; Attali l' friend of Pétain the Brief returned this day in large pump and heel-pieces on the tomb of the de Gaulle General. Because this blog s' call l' Elysium With dimensions Garden, and qu' it is held by a journalist of the World which s' call Leparmentier and that c' is Parmentier who introduced Potato in France. And… El Patator with l' Elysium thus. Where for better including/understanding it is necessary to also break up Elysium: " L' Elysium or the Élysées fields, in Greek mythology, belong to Enfers." The Garden: useless d' to explain, that all alone speaks. Because j' lodge renovating house of which the vehicle registered BA 113, like the Air base of my childhood and of the mirages of my adolescence. Present, weapons. Because l' friend plumber of dad who made the house is the son of l' old mairess of Colombey two churches and the de Gaulle General. Because the last voyage accomplished with fire dad the clone of Dante was with the Woodwork and on the tomb of the de Gaulle General, in its 4x4. And that the first date of putting into circulation of this fits with body divine was precisely on September 11, 2001. And also because j' have dream of De Villepin during the night. J' stays in Paris and I cross it. It has a coat which has holes on the level of l' shoulder left. I l' informed that they are mites. Or many myths? C' is all. I will visit an exposure… on the Princess Grace (!) and when j' in I arise still fall down on de Villepin, accompanied d' a man. I do not know any more what is said but behind c' is an immense empty place, strewn with dead sheets. J' like l' idea qu' it serf of her Verb to demolish aujourd' today the refuse then tumbles down in " l' opinion". J' would have preferred qu' it fissa a few years ago but with l' time it déclamait qu' it n' there had that l' thickness d' a sheet (of PQ?) between this shit and him… It is perhaps machiavelic and that, this n' is certainly not my role because I think that only a great victory is pretty for all l' eternity. That of good reasons, therefore! A nipple which is caught for a oak (dixit a commentator inspired) - A country which allows l' rise in such a refuse to the term of “president” became a dustbin. This country is ready for very very great reforms but it is not on which like this small number of puppets shareholders of the institutions which allowed this masquerade. Written by: Carole Papini | on November 9, 2010 with 15:15 | To alert (.....) - This uncouth individual exceeds all the terminals of impudence, all is already known as in the preceding emails.!! This type is allowed to speak, inter alia, of the program of the National council of Resistance, whereas it demolishes with perseverance all the contents of it. It is to be vomitted!! an insult with de Gaulle but also with the French people which it takes for people of idiots. Written by: mongargan | on November 9, 2010 with 20:28 | To alert - To summarize: a disgusting buffoon and one click incompetents with the service of foreign interests organize the setting with bag of the country and allot the aureole of resistance whereas they are only the tinsels of Vichy and represent only the twisted revenge of the wrongfully overcome ideals of the time. Why thus wait until 2012 to clean this basic bottom pit, and why dirty the hand or see kids being made estropier by the militia of fair rosy? We have only to send the army. It is not judicious to learn for which reasons at… Parmentier, mashed potatoes. I find that the country is very badly protected. Definitely! What thinks my general of it? Written by: Carole Papini | on November 9, 2010 with 20:32 | To alert
Yes, I can remember now...something went wrong with CAROLINE's blog too - but we figured that if you just copy and paste...then no harm done:

Où je décide de feter le 911 sur un blog qui n'est pas celui d'Attali l'ami de Pétain le Bref rendu ce jour en grande pompe et talonettes sur la tombe du Général de Gaulle.
Parce que ce blog s'appelle l'Elysée Coté Jardin, et qu'il est tenu par un journaliste du Monde qui s'appelle Leparmentier et que c'est Parmentier

qui a introduit la Patate en France. Et...

El Patator à l'Elysée donc.
Où pour mieux comprendre il faut décomposer aussi Elysée:
"L'Élysée ou les champs Élysées, dans la mythologie grecque, font partie des Enfers."
Le Jardin: inutile d'expliquer, cela parle tout seul.
Parce que j'héberge un rénovateur de maison dont le véhicule immatriculé BA 113, comme la Base Aérienne de mon enfance et des mirages de mon adolescence. Présentez, armes. Parce que l'ami plombier de papa qui a fait la maison est le fils de l'ancienne mairesse de Colombey les deux églises et du Général de Gaulle.
Parce que le dernier voyage effectué avec feu papa le clone de Dante était à la Boisserie et sur la tombe du Général de Gaulle, dans son 4x4. Et que la première date de mise en circulation de ce carrosse divin était précisément le 11 septembre 2001.
Et aussi parce que j'ai revé de De Villepin durant la nuit. J'étais à Paris et je le croise. Il a un manteau qui a des trous au niveau de l'épaule gauche. Je l'averti que ce sont des mites. Ou bien des mythes? C'est tout. Je vais visiter une exposition... sur la Princesse Grace (!) et quand j'en ressors je retombe encore sur de Villepin, accompagné d'un homme. Je ne sais plus ce qui se dit mais derrière c'est une immense place vide, jonchée de feuilles mortes. J'aime bien l'idée qu'il se serve de son Verbe pour démollir aujourd'hui le détritus alors dégringole dans "l'opinion". J'aurais préféré qu'il le fissa il y a quelques années mais à l'époque il déclamait qu'il n'y avait que l'épaisseur d'une feuille (de PQ?) entre cette merde et lui... Il est peut-etre machiavélique et çà, ce n'est certainement pas mon role parce que je pense que seule une belle victoire est jolie pour toute l'éternité. Que de bonne raisons, donc!

Un gland qui se prend pour un chene (dixit un commentateur inspiré)

- Un pays qui permet l'élèvation d’un tel détritus au vocable de “président” est devenu une poubelle.
Ce pays est pret pour de très très grandes réformes mais il n’est pas sur quelles plaisent à ce petit nombre de pantins rentiers des institutions qui ont permis cette mascarade.
Rédigé par : Carole Papini | le 09 novembre 2010 à 15:15 | Alerter


- Ce grossier personnage dépasse toutes les bornes de l’impudence, tout est déjà dit dans les mails précédents.!! Ce type se permet de parler, entre autres, du programme du Conseil National de la Résistance,alors qu’il en démolit avec persévérance tout le contenu. C’est à vomir !! une insulte à de Gaulle mais aussi au peuple français qu’il prend pour un peuple d’idiots.
Rédigé par : mongargan | le 09 novembre 2010 à 20:28 | Alerter

- Pour résumer: un bouffon dégoutant et une clique d’incapables au service d’interets étrangers organisent la mise à sac du pays et s’attribuent l’auréole de la résistance alors qu’ils ne sont que les oripeaux de Vichy et ne représentent que la revanche tordue des idéaux faussement vaincus de l’époque.
Pourquoi donc attendre 2012 pour nettoyer ce cul de basse fosse, et pourquoi se salir les main ou voir des momes se faire estropier par la milice du blond rosé? Nous n’avons qu’à envoyer l’armée. Elle n’est pas sensée apprendre pour quelles raisons chez…le Parmentier, purée.
Je trouve que le pays est très mal protégé. Décidément!
Qu’en pense mon général?
Rédigé par : Carole Papini | le 09 novembre 2010 à 20:32 | Alerter

...and there is so much more here, today...upon the blog.

I missed the 'stag' culling and that sinister hunting party dinner with WHITE NAPKINS over their heads...but then again...maybe this is all about TODDY and his 'blue-berry picking' expo, up the mountain with GILL and GILMORE...who knows?
If you would like an analysis of how JADE GOODY got through BIG BROTHER and was so 'believable'...then it is quite simple - she was advised to act like a BIG babies do...plain and simple...bawl when you are demanding...but in that innocent way that babies are...and doesn't everybody warm to a newborn baby?

Of course, she was acting the whole wasn't her natural personality...but how convincing, eh?

Yes, some people got really annoyed with her 'role' in BB...'grow up you big baby'...never a truer word spoken in jest.

Not everybody can get away with doing 'big baby' as a way of getting through difficult circumstances.

For example if VIRGINIA WOOLF had behaved in that way in order to gain attention...people would have found it very strange and disturbing. You have to have features that are 'babyish' in order to get away with it...probably why ELTON JOHN gets away with it, so easily.

GILL has told me to click compatibility view by the URL in my browser to get the PASTE option back on again...thank you.

I have to keep doing it though...

Anyway, the BLUE TILE ROOF gang are still obsessive with GARTERBELT.

Yes, with hindsight - I can see what a 'laugh a minute' this characterisation of BARACK OBAMA 'ruler of the TEMPLAR CULT'...and I can now remember JADE GOODY going through files at GREEN TOWER and saying that the MOB had never laughed so much, those were the days, sort of thing...OBAMA trying to run ROZ and myself as 'angels' with GEEKBOY aka MARTIN who was really trying to help us all, by that point in time...

An eclectic mix of male slaves ...probably husbands...

FARLEY was that GARETH somebody...the Welsh English teacher at LANGLEY SENIORS...what was his second name is so difficult to remember everything...memories resurface from the pool and once i have written them up...they just as quickly disappear back into the subconscious mind see previous notes upon this guy and his ill cult family connections.

The networks are saying that DALRY is TINO upon the new blog of note - put together by MARK R.
I know why too - TION...SHUN...'tino' is derived from TODDY's programming.

You can read first and last letter codes down both sides of the posts upon this blog...i remember 'watching' MARK R do it...yes, you had to know what he was up to - to get it - 'her in which :)' are the last words of each sentence in the post at the bottom of the blog...maybe the last thing he ever did...before the KGB got him...
Yes, GILL - you can see your BD code for that dog - can't you - a first letter code...but you didn't need the code to know that one...

You can view the BORAGE upon this link.
I had a bad dream about ROBERT CIPOLLA who was looking like death yesterday...but i cannot remember why...probably in relation to the MOB...who knows...or a severe blood disorder...

...and now the PASTE option has disappeared again...

The networks are saying 'he is controlling your environment' - well he won't be for long - watch out...turn PASTE back on NOW. First and last warning - you know what will happen when HENRY gets annoyed and I have lost all patience this morning...if you want to go and BANG your head against the nearest wall...keep on screwing with this laptop.

The BORE-AGE...TODDY's own programming as the A-BORE-SHUN

GILL has now changed back the coding to enable me to post - he was annoyed because I had cut off windows live blogging...whereupon he was supposed to harass and confuse me with various he understands it was 'no more than that' to my decision - to 'cut him off' - we are all right again.

Okay so as far as I know - BI got this website together about SPANDAU and also the link you can follow called ROCKY relation to SPEER the architect.

I can remember COLLIE showing me the research upon historical gardens...and I was particularly struck by this one:

2. 4. Kitchen garden or potager

"Main article: Kitchen garden
Formal potager at Villandry, France

The traditional kitchen garden, also known as a potager, is a seasonally used space separate from the rest of the residential garden - the ornamental plants and lawn areas. Most vegetable gardens are still miniature versions of old family farm plots with square or rectangular beds, but the kitchen garden is different not only in its history, but also its design.

The kitchen garden may be a landscape feature that can be the central feature of an ornamental, all-season landscape, but can be little more than a humble vegetable plot. It is a source of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, but it is also a structured garden space, a design based on repetitive geometric patterns.

The kitchen garden has year-round visual appeal and can incorporate permanent perennials or woody plantings around (or among) the annual plants."

I can remember COLETTE showing me either the photo or taking me there...I think that she took me there to show me 'healing herbs' etc...but I know that the TASCHMANNS also saw it as their the CHEFS...see GORMENGHAST and 'hell on earth' as in the kitchens of the TASCHMANNS...the most terrible existence imaginable...

Thursday, 30 December 2010

So what was the guy in the comment below complaining about - the blogspot doesn't appear to exist and i haven't mentioned it upon this blog.

The networks are saying SPANDAU BALLET...yes SPANDAU was a concentration camp - wasn't it? So SPANDAU BALLET is a reference to some sort of NAZI torture...
Yes, I can remember now...we went to SPANDAU PRISON with MARK R - it had become his HQ.

As BLOGGER aka THE TASCHMANNS are screwing this blog in relation to being able to PASTE up large amounts quickly - I have to resort to the snipping tool - so here is the first page of COMMENTS that I wasn't notified about by email. Click on the above images to get a larger image.

i now have to type in RED: amarg

I looked at COMMENTS for this blog...and realised that I had never seen quite a few of them...BLOGGER hadn't notified me at all. It was very many comments - some of which made it onto my blog and others didn't - why not? Somebody has been censoring my blog.

For example - the comments left by NORA - I am assuming that this was RIMINGTON because she often used this name as an alias...on the other hand it could be 'nora' as in the MI5 'nastiest mouse of the lot' - the RUTH BEATTY position. However, as the comments seem is probably RIMINGTON.

BLOGGER has only notified me by email of a very small amount of comments left upon this blog.

So to all of you who have left a comment and it looks like I didn't bother to reply - I didn't even know that you had left a comment.

I will post up a few here, later...

i now have to type in DARK BLUE: fobst

...and BLOGGER has still knocked out the 'paste' facility and I know this is the TASCHMANNS' doing.

The Israeli division of BLOGGER...seeing as I started my dashboard of blogs in ISRAEL.

Why don't you just PISS OFF and stop being so annoying?

I now have to type in RED: amiciu
I now have to type in GREEN: rosiono
I have seen the above website before...and the BENEFITS this will be another ill cult stage of the game...and I can remember now...RAF members who input their data to check what benefits/pensions they will be getting...end up being lied to...and screwed by the system.
Unfortunately, as I do not have the necessary DATA to enter into the fields...I cannot give you an example of the above.
So who set this 'CHECKER' up?
He did it upon the request of PRINCE PHILIP
So I can only advise the RAF to take this 'checker' and RED PRINT page down as quickly as possible - or you will most probably be faced with some serious 'legal action' far as I can remember. This is your chance to make good - get a real 'checker' up.

BLOGGER has now disabled the PASTE function upon my laptop. Yes, the paste function works upon my word processor WORKS but not upon a post here upon BLOGGER.

Note even CTRL + V works...
I now have to type in RED: ficemet
So I have used the snipping tool to take the information I need - click on the above for an enlargement.
Okay the pay isn't 'good' but on the other hand - a lot better than AMERICAN AIRLINES.
The stumbling block here is this - other 'professionals' move up the incremental ladder to the top...but you can get stuck on first base and never earn more than the basic pay, as far as I can see.
Pay should be incremental in relation to 'years of service'.
Okay, the pay for the military in general...I remember being fascinated by that one -at the HARWICH JOB CENTRE because the pay for a secretary/admin assistant on' civvy street' was so low - that I couldn't afford to rent the cheapest bedsit/flat upon that type of pay and 'live'. Therefore because the MILITARY pay seemed quite a bit higher...although only about £14,000 for starting salaries...that looked 'really good' to a temping secretary, i tended to take home £8,000 if fact, usually not - because RIMINGTON used to steal most of ensure that I only had £50 per week to live on...
I knew that it was probably not a good idea to apply to the military...although I hadn't woken up at the time...and then realised that i was far too old to do so, anyway...only secretarial/admin lowpaid jobs on bases, were available.
So all of a catch-22 situation then...unless you trained up as a professional plumber...and I looked into that one at IPSWICH college and set up your own could then earn about £30,000 a week from the beginning...but I 'knew' that the ill would never ever let me pass my driving test (even though as an 'intelligence operative' I used to drive quite a lot - all over the world), never mind buy/own my own 'white van'...
I now have to type in RED: unkes

i have that book called STUPID WHITE MEN by MICHAEL MOORE beside my desk upon the floor...and it was for a reason...I bought it secondhand in HARWICH some time ago...flicked through it and didn't think much of it, as a response...but kept it 'close' whilst in this flat for some reason...

...and now I can remember why...the CIA LAB 'boys' had written it, not MOORE and it is almost entirely filled with disinformation.

In fact, the CIA LAB had then got me to meet MOORE who told me that even if I didn't think much of the information in the book at the time...there was one chapter that i had to read - he pointed out:

chapter 3 DOW WOW WOW

It is a horrific account and apparently true...that this is what AMERICAN AIRLINES pays its pilots. Guess.

AMERICAN EAGLE - starting pay $16,800

DELTA commuter airline $15000


The interview with a pilot reveals that a friend of his with four children had to go to the welfare office to apply for food stamps...however when AMERICAN EAGLE found out about it...they made a rule saying that no pilot of theirs was allowe to apply for either welfare or food stamps.

OBAMA then used the above upon myself as in 'you have been a CIA OFFICER' and once 'retired' - you can expect about £100 per week to live on...and that is why I ended up in the 'pool' on EMPLOYMENT AND SUPPORT...getting more than the usual JOB SEEKER'S ALLOWANCE of about £60 per week nowadays...

So this leads me on to look at MILITARY pay in general...and what you can expect in terms of sick pay and pension...including what 'war widows' have to live's not right - is it?

Something has to change and fast.

The whole system...the ill cult system of using and abusing the MILITARY...even though AMERICAN EAGLE obviously isn't brings into question how much the RAF get paid - doesn't it? A far more dangerous job than flying civilian planes.
i now have to type in RED:

I decided not to eat KEDGEREE yesterday...upon the advice of the MASONS...I have already eaten PARSLEY to get back memories...and SULTANAS as far as I can remember...although I recently bought some M&S instant PORRIDGE mix with SULTANAS, CINNAMON and APPLE...just to make sure...and if it is any good, I will buy the HONEY one next...

PORRIDGE - oats are supposed to be one of the best things you can eat for vitamins...therapists recommend it for 'nerves'...not that i am feeling nervous...quite 'safe' here.

I am not sure why i am recounting all of this...but it must figure somewhere along the line...I descaled the kettle with VINEGAR the other day...better than doing it with chemicals...and safer, too...although one whiff of vinegar used to trance GILL out...

i met 'George' from upstairs the other day...we always say 'hello'...and suddenly I remembered that he was to report me to CHP for 'making too much noise' I hardly make a i suppose that RIMINGTON had told me to have a 'wild party' for NEW YEAR'S EVE and invite anybody off the street, that type of thing...
I now have to type in RED: nocklin

I also remember telling DALDRY in PRAGUE 1995:

"9 1/2 weeks - well, it was a bit like that"

I was referring to that S/M movie - where the gourmands eat and drink a lot....gorge themselves...

So one can assume that I have come to the end of my '9 1/2 weeks' - 31st December 2010.
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: feark

I also had a strange dream about being in a country house of some sorts...and making a meal for GILL and GILMORE from the WARWICK centre...and I made a 'no-sugar' icecream for dessert...with BLUEBERRIES in it...AMADEUS had thought up that one...they ate it and then asked me for the 'sandwiches'...they were going on a hike up the hills I gave them the packed food and they set the evening...and ended up on some hill or mountain in the dark, waiting for TODDY...I have no idea why...but he had arranged to meet them, in the that location.

Was it all about murdering/picking the 'blueberries'?


So one can assume that LORD LEVY isn't in the land of the living anymore - anybody seen him recently?
I now have to type in RED: dicern
I now have to type in GREEN: latien
I have had some emotionally disturbing dreams over the past couple of nights...about people betraying me in various ways...and once i have woken up...the upset I remember that I am no longer living at ST BERNARDS ROAD etc etc...because every dream is located in a place that I formerly lived in...and i look at this flat and feel grateful that I am the 'survivor' of that shipwreck...and my family has also 'moved on'...even though ED is still living in BLACKHEATH...that was the one place that wasn't bad...something 'special' about that place...

Anyway, last night I dreamt that SUE WHALLEY and LISA came to talk with me...LISA kept apologising but I was in no mood for apologies...what difference did it make now? It was all in the past. I didn't want to be reminded of anything - 'not bothered'.
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: mefor

I was thinking again about that very strange 'conversation', which DALDRY and I had - in PRAGUE was taped by the centre of the British council exhibition hall...and DALDRY was being used by the ROYALS...they appeared to be channelling through him...and he asked me how long they had got...and I gave him a date in the future...a year, to which he replied 'good' was a long way away...they had as much time as they liked to do as much evil as possible, beforehand. I suppose their time was up last year...2009...the year that the 'secret government' at WARWICK UNIV. 'disappeared'...see previous notes for details.

What on earth was going on that night?
i now have to type in GREEN: annion

...and yes, when you walk along the upper promenade and look over the can see quite a few paths down the slope - well-trodden, between the bushes - behind the POO-TIN building...and you wonder why anybody would bother...what is the point? It is slippery, muddy and dangerous.

I can remember now...each ROYAL PRINCE had their own 'coterie' of slaves...and each PRINCE took a different pathway down the slope, leading their slaves behind them.

It is extraordinary how any of this could have happened in broad daylight but it did...the day that the ill descended upon CLACTON...I can only assume that it was something to do with 'frequency control' and that in the main, none of them were spotted, recognised or even perhaps 'seen'...

Not to mention the 'bay watch' staff who occupy the building further down and are supposed to be watching the CCTV of the entire area...or the local POLICE STATION which has a large amount of staff...yet, nobody was stopped or questioned, that day.
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: jolsec

Did I mention that there is no access to either the POO-TIN or the CREAM building - all boarded up. Now and then, you see this type of building down the Anglian coast - and every so often, the MASONS break into these buildings and break the door/window etc so that ill cult slaves can see inside...because once you can see inside...ten to one, you wake up...and remember what had happened inside of those buildings.
I now have to type in DARK BLUE: hypou

Here are a few more shots - from the upper promenade as well as the can see the CREAM building - next to the POO-TIN can see the WOODEN PALLET in that enclosed and locked up area - behind the CREAM building. You can see the BLANK CREAM SLATE that AMADEUS was to point out to me, upon the side of the CREAM building.

You can also see the MCDONALD's wrapper under the railings...yes, I got a little paranoid yesterday, zipping through my photos - and didn't notice it there...also I can now remember deciding not to take TOMLINSON's sandwich container as I had found upright BLACK TRIANGLE...

You can also see graffiti on the wall behind the POO-TIN building which I hadn't noticed before...whilst taking the was a cold day...I wasn't sure what I was looking for but when you have a look at the photos later on, you pick more up...

Yes, that K can was hidden in the bush overlooking the back of the CREAM building...I pulled it out to make it a bit more obvious...and laid it on top of the hedge.

Lastly, that aerial view of the POO-TIN and CREAM building...I can now see a certain JAPANESE architectural design to it...

The WHITE MOONS that appear here and there were not be design...but I figure that it was lucky chance that they showed up on a couple of the photos...this is all about recovering FULL MOON memories...