Monday, 27 March 2017

...and what's on my youtube frontpage, this Tuesday morning?

the 'bery' heart of civilisation.....and the 'brainsample'?

let me guess...should I link this all up to the 'effect' of an IBM cloud 'gone wrong'?...because my sixth sense is telling me that I should be:
and so there you have it folks, a daily update on what's gone right and what's gone well as "my God what have I done" according to the IBM network....go figure:
the changing face of MY3 frontpage...go figure:

let's scan for more information.....prince Charles had wanted to use these photos for 'something'...."those can be my elves!" he was to laugh, heartily - to an aide....go figure as to what purpose the following image was then put to...on the networks:

what else? well there is a 'hint' of that carousel image....see previous notes upon that 'python' movie....additionally, Stephen fry appears as 'god' in the movie....and look - there's a 'young Stephen fry lookalike' standing in the middle....go figure:

hmmm....what's up with the BBC that they often include photos that are a kind of 'match' in a way....see below....old lamps for new? old photo and a recent one....the pair of them look like brother and relation to that 'expression'....go figure:

what else is in the news?...'the berry collection'...I wonder if bobby's mob had figured that the following might come in make 'mary berry' tow the ill cult line? let me scan for more information...and yes, the braindead 'vegetables'-run-on-chip had decided to demonise mary as the following...if she dared to criticise their 'existence'....their existence as the 'walking CORPS(ES)' according to beach's men....funny old world, isn't it?....go figure: that where prince Charles is hiding out, right now?