Tuesday, 28 April 2015

....and the castle? it's the castle (see previous notes upon HOWL'S CASTLE) with 'rockets' eh McDonald....and "i'll do my best" from gill...which was to result in you being able to 'do'  CIA head of rocket launches in order to free this planet from slavery - do you see how it goes?:


....the kaddish...how appropriate in terms of 'the dead'....

Monday, 27 April 2015


US intelligence online "the anthill mob - you kick it over three times and they all leave"

so what is really going on in Nepal, then? see previous notes upon that Chinese phd student's abstract - regarding quantum physics...modelling - upon an anthill...

let me see...I can reserve some of these books...it was simply that I had then read 'something different' at the top for one of them...and decided that the rest were 'all the same' - something like that? either that or I had been blocked from reserving them and now the block is off? I had tried to reserve them but it wasn't possible...at the time - for whatever reason.

let's have a look for CASTLE on the elan catalogue...let me see...what is SOLOMON KANE all about then?

let me see...did I make a mistake regarding those children's books by Templar publishing...by not reading the 'first bit' of text...anyway, I had come across books which were only available for college students...were all of those 'Templar publishing' books like that?...oh I cannot remember now...what does it matter?

anyway, I cannot find CASTLE and so I've reserved 'Solomon kane' and a Vincent price movie upon the search for 'castle' instead...entitled 'house on the hill'.

oh and I can remember now...emet saying "it shouldn't be too difficult to work out now"...having told me to remember myself 'in the frame' as the 'flying white egg'....

and I might add that emet was to say that it was very unlikely that the ill would 'go for me' in that green seat at the 'poker table'...it would be most likely to be colin Farrell....go figure.

...and who had been saying "they'll never get it"...somebody who looked rather like Keanu reeves...so he would be the first one to interview, I would say....

...and was 'this' the room, that you were trying to remember, CID?

it was...wasn't it....along the lines of "I know somewhere similar...let's use that..."

f*** - is this the 'pentagon version' of a 13th one game? look at the 'halo' above that seat...see previous notes upon the 'siege perilous'...oh I remember - that is what I had been told...go figure....the equivalent:
and who is he, supposed to be? the one with the 'flying white egg' behind him....

what an interesting blog...the COMPASS and watership down 'rabbits'...go figure:

...and the 'frigid' and the 'fridge'...fridge ID, CID?