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  2. I might add that after creating this blog - I was presented with a POST page to put up my first post.

    I should have mentioned this before.

    Almost impossible to do because BLOGGER will only let me post in this language:



    No idea.

    Anyway, there was no option at all for ENGLISH or any other language for that matter.

    So I decided NOT to have a 'post' upon the front of this journal.

    I should be able to upload photos and scans onto a POST however but if not - I shall use LIVEJOURNAL for this purpose and direct readers of my blog back to LIVEJOURNAL where necessary.

  3. YELL.COM update:



  4. I went for my usual walk today…I had ‘seen’ a lot this morning…but some things are best left unsaid…suffice to say that those who have been taking part in this ILL CULT game and persecuting me for the past 6 years now…since 2005 onwards…they have all FAILED and as such, will not be paid a penny of the money that SCARLETT had offered them…you can guess what sort of things happened next…

    I saw a black car outside the entertainment pavilion to the left of the bridge…check out the registration…TOMLINSON used to call this man D’ARTAGNAN…

    In front of the pier was a van with a sign on the back:

    MR ZOGG which specialised in ‘sex’ something…

    I then walked along the beach…found a black MERMAID’s PURSE upon the beach…it reminded me of batman’s hood and ‘bat ears’…also MR TOM’s ears…my cat at EAGLE HOUSE…

    I then decided to buy my mother some SKATE off the market…the owner surprised me by asking sharply:


    I replied ‘no’…she looked a bit relieved and by way of explanation said:

    “She rang earlier because she likes the MIDDLE of SKATE - so I have WINGS left”.

    Isn’t that odd?

    I have only ever seen WINGS of SKATE on the market…I didn’t know that you could buy ‘middle of skate’…anyway, I bought two skate wings and moved on.

    I then went to SAINSBURYS to get some food - if my mother wants lunch…and thought it over…best not to tell my mother the above story…in case it was RIMINGTON…in fact, I know that this is a RIMINGTON scam in relation to something…probably related to ‘son of god’ programming…angels…in relation to the WINGS…the demonic eat the ‘body’…I also figured it was an RAF reference, for some reason…earning your ‘wings’…


    Somebody has left the front door to BELLE COURT open twice today…

  5. I have a new comment to be moderated - waiting on my blogger blogspot 'illuminati 12' - strange because I haven't posted a thing upon this site as yet:

    1 – 1 of 1
    HI Emily, I am like you, I am sick of all this p... HI Emily,

    I am like you, I am sick of all this prohency, I think if you could stop only one of the prohencies I said in the tape, the thing would be over, you could live as if nothing has happened, I sometimes think that I do not exist. I talked with my mother, her memory is not as same as mine about a lot of things, sometimes I wonder if she were my real mother, and if the world that I am living in is real. Everything is sharp.

    I certainly want to end this hell, and I do not think J. Evans would care about me considering what he did to the policewoman to dr. kelly and to everybody else. I am also disappointed about being discriminated by people here as well.

    Kind regards
    Publish Reject (kittenjane113) 13/12/09

    Publish Reject

  6. First letter code (from the site and not posted above):

    h ihr Id KJ


    Amendment: i did post something upon this blog:


    You want an update upon him?

    He has finally realised that the ISLAMIC NWO program has finally crashed.

    I cannot tell you how - suffice to say - I managed it.

  8. A new comment was also left upon:


    Publish Reject 1 – 1 of 1
    where is your current blog? where is your current blog?
    Publish Reject (Anonymous) 17/12/09

    Publish Reject

  9. Oh yes - RICHARD TOMLINSON wrote the program and programmed the EVIL SEEDS within it.


    Check Your Numbers! A Brit Wins Eurolottery

    This headline reminds me of yet another stage in the ILL CULT game which I appear to have missed...thought up by RIMINGTON and CO.

    I was supposed to buy an item of clothing in a secondhand shop and to find a winning ticket.

    I would then be asked where I had bought it - and told that I must have stolen the ticket because it had been bought in another county or something like that...

    HA HA.

    Missed that one - completely.

  11. ...but then I had remembered early on -that buying LOTTO tickets was a complete ILL CULT scam anyway...they picked the slaves that they wanted to win - so I stopped buying tickets, years ago.

  12. The SUN has come out this afternoon...and there is a really 'fat' rainbow...the largest one in terms of width that I have seen...ever, probably...


    ...a new blogspot from CAROLINE and a 'scary vampire' one...

  14. Going back to CAROLE's original site (because I think that the one above looks a little any rate, I remember it but I think that MCDONALD was behind it)...

    I came across this link to

    The WORD is the 'solution':


    CON normally counteracts an ILL COMMAND.

    i can see that this is a double counteraction in terms of :



    note the SOTP photo of SOTP upon the ROAD in WHITE:


    That is all I can say...or perhaps:






  16. "The Tour War On Sailing Democracy Journalists Americans Truth Written Today People Bush ReOpen911 Official Attacks Children Woman Muslims Can Recent Government

    The tag cloud shows attributes that are most often connected to Carole Papini. The larger a word is shown, the more relevant it is in connection to that name. The tag cloud visualize general information connected to Carole Papini and not to a specific person with that name. 123people computes the items in the tag cloud from search results found in classical search engines such as Yahoo and others. The items shown in the tag cloud may also not apply to a search of Carole Papini. Find information on how tag clouds work by clicking here:

    My Tag Cloud on 1,2,3 sun. It does not seem to have both insisted on the cons and Connes who imagine having hair on the head Q, then why the word "veil"? This must be due to the boats, or the veil of Isis."

    i get it - GEORGE BUSH had been 'written on' by the ILL CULT- they then 'raise the scars' to show a person's programming.

  17. The word CONQUEST comes to mind....heh he.

  18. So we have:




  19. "My location is simply listing people who prefer to jump into the void and struck the ground, rather than burn alive in their office"

    That is an interesting one...a lot of people got burnt in their offices because they refused to leave the ILL CULT...

  20. The head of horse Orion, a nebula that is actually that of al Qaeda.


  21. By Pyrrho
    @ MSBA
    And if MSBA = MS
    Then BA = 1
    Or A = 1 / B
    2 if A = BA
    3 B = 1
    4 Therefore A = 1

    i knew that THE CITY OF BAM was blown up by OZ...using sound warfare technology...


  23. In fact, the disappearance of information available that informs the most.
    Do not know how to create the doubt of doubt have the continuity of the event.
    Ok, you're better than me in math
    Riemann in 250 H and the one in 300 H, but I am a pathetic fool. 114 -> 113 on earth!
    (I share my writings with ladies whose French is not their language, a side they include, but not all)
    This last post, you can cut it on earth or not to put in space, all the ways there are many "multi" around this e-Stammtisch.
    Rule by 9 AK = A => Kaa = 1? Namaste from Bumba if B = M but then ... ..???
    I just see your response
    Ok Please wish me bon voyage Witch BA

    D'OR I.T. RIO

  24. i remembered something terrible...and it was of TOMLINSON who had murdered CAROLINE because she wouldn't obey orders at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - RIMINGTON organised her 'death'. I was shown the body. I have no memories of seeing her I cannot be sure that it was her. I hope not.

    If it was - I avenged you, CAROLINE - do not worry about that - whether you wanted me to do so or not.

  25. I also had a flash of 'getting' MARK R as well as that BULLY BOY banker with BLOND HAIR who kept on coming in to bully OBAMA in his office - you are also a dead man walking - if you are not already many of easy it is...when one can remote-view...too easy, in a way.


    Here is another of CAROLE PAPINI's blogs.


    This is what I used to use...

  28. I remembered where this image was - I had placed it upon a GOOGLE images SEARCH for my own name - near to the end - only 18 pages.

    I then looked at the last image:

    Autor: Duran, David
    Títol: Tutoría entre iguales : de la teoría a la práctica : un método de aprendizaje cooperativo para la diversidad en secundaria / David Duran, Vinyet Vidal
    Publicació: Barcelona : Graó, 2004

    The above is the BOOK COVER at the end of a google images search for my name: EMILY GYDE

    It is of RAILWAY TRACKS -what else?

    RIMINGTON and her evil, sick cult - had decided to try and murder me upon railway tracks and I knew it - and STOPPED THEM in their TRACKS.

  29. Noves Adquisicions
    75 x 110 - 4k - jpg

  30. BABELFISH translates this as:

    Position of a guardian between equals: of the theory to the practice: a method of cooperative learning for the secondary diversity in/David Duran, Vinyet Vidal


  32. Paperback: 190 pages
    Publisher: Grao (8 Dec 2009)
    Language Spanish
    ISBN-10: 8478273190
    ISBN-13: 978-8478273195
    Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 16.5 x 1.1 cm
    Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet. Be the first.

    RIMINGTON forced me to look through it - after extreme torture - AMADEUS was also there - the JESUITS were obviously implicated - MARK R was their leader.

    I do not suppose that I was the only one programmed with this RAILWAY TRACKS book - so make a careful note of the ISBN and look through the pages - see above.

    Like me - you will probably remember the cover, immediately.

  33. Títol: The discovery of the Netherlands : four centuries of landscape painting by Duch masters ; [published on the occasion of the Apeldoorn International Triennial from 11 june till 28 september 2008 and the exhibition "The discovery of the Netherlands at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn (11 june to 28. september 2008)] / by Henk van Os
    Publicació: Rotterdam : NAi Publ., 2008

    The above image is the PENULTIMATE one upon the above search.

    A good idea to check out this one too - upon your 'name search'.

    In fact, I can remember this as another sick stage in teh ILL CULT game and thought up by NIKOLAS HULBRUSCH - I had to try to find the 'cover' before all of the images had come up on the site...they ascertained that it would not be possible...ha ha - far too easy.


    Another 'interesting' site...

  35. 3rd last?


  36. i 'know' all of these images:

    WDH1Q10000E MY BOOK 2
    65 x 65 - 2k - jpg torben hennig (toddi86)
    80 x 60 - 4k - jpg Torben Hennig (torben1990)
    80 x 60 - 3k - jpg Infothek
    80 x 58 - 2k - gif Personal
    80 x 58 - 5k - gif Directrice : Sylvie
    172 x 56 - 8k - jpg Cliquez sur la boutique
    56 x 52 - 2k - gif

    Runi Møller Petersen
    50 x 50 - 3k - jpg 1973
    67 x 50 - 1k - jpg 1992
    74 x 50 - 2k - jpg 1997
    69 x 50 - 2k - jpg KARAAT - Het lifestyle
    150 x 45 - 7k - jpg KARAAT - Het lifestyle
    150 x 45 - 10k - jpg KARAAT - Het lifestyle
    150 x 45 - 7k - jpg

    KARAAT - Het lifestyle
    150 x 45 - 8k - jpg WALLYforWERCHTER : Eddy
    500 x 44 - 10k - gif Siste innlegg:
    63 x 63 - 4k - jpg Siste innlegg:
    63 x 63 - 4k - jpg Noves Adquisicions
    110 x 86 - 3k - jpg Noves Adquisicions
    75 x 110 - 4k - jpg

  37. I shall now recount what I saw at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - because I couldn't bring myself to do so yesterday.

    TOMLINSON had taken me into a room which served as a morgue at the TEMPLAR CASTLE and shown me a body - except that it wasn't really a body - it was just legs and a small amount of torso.

    You can see the photograph on CAROLE PAPINI's site.

    He told me that it was CAROLINE.

    SONIA and MARK were in the room - their eyes were popping out of their heads - wide-eyed - telling me the same thing.

    I looked at all of them and then left the room.

    Now - TOMLINSON then took a photograph of that cadaver - and showed it to me - he had put a black sock on it, he told me - to remind me that it was CAROLINE.

    So how come CAROLINE and I had access to that photograph BEFORE that particular TEMPLAR CASTLE event and put it onto her blogspot - CAROLE PAPINI.

    Plus the fact that CAROLINE was a favourite of the PRINCE OF MONACO and there is no way that RIMINGTON would have dared to step on his toes. Yes she was an extreme psychotic and psychopath but in an extremely cunning, controlled way - in relation to her self-preservation. So was TOMLINSON.

    i 'know' that CAROLINE is alive and well - she is working for BI somewhere - I have had 'flashes' of her throughout this whole horror - involving CAROLE PAPINI's site.

  38. SONIA and MARK's version of events was that she had been put into the IRON MAIDEN - yes, the TEMPLARS used that medieval form of capital punishment upon slaves who had disobeyed them - I do not know who the person was in the photograph but I am certain that it wasn't CAROLINE - this was another ILL CULT stunt as part of this 13TH ONE GAME.

  39. The networks are now chanting:

    SOCIOPATH in relation to RIMINGTON I suppose but they are doing so in relation to ILL CULT commands:


    it appears to be a 'direction' to see the 'O' as the true psychopathic killers of the piece. POWIS.

  40. i can 'hear' somebody on the network saying:

    "My god you cunning bastards, you used all of our codes against us."

  41. Yes, we were working out words to counteract ILL CULT programming at the TEMPLAR CASTLE...using their 'words' against them...

  42. You see, it all goes in subconsciously...and if you have managed to reprogramme yourself (and others) against the ILL are more 'armed' against them...once you are back in 'normal life'...

    The TEMPLAR CASTLE must have been in operation for quite a few years...their 'hoghouse summer school' in relation to horrific ROYALS/TASCHMANNS events...

  43. Somebody on the networks has just said:


  44. This appears to be a command to con MARK R...his SUBMARINE programming...his BLUBEAM 'scrying' as in false prophecy..P as in the POPE/ a good one.



  46. What about CONSUMMATION


    UM is MARK R...

    MAT was some Egyptian goddess...the most powerful.

  47. You could also use it in terms of in counteracting ILL CULT 'sums' dealings.

  48. The GREY MAN flat is lit up today...but only MOTHER SUPERIOR is being shown and in rather a 'grey way'...

    So this was you RAYMOND...that is what CAROLINE knew you as - JOHN TODD/WATERS.

    However I know that your real name (back in the USA) was DESMOND - you hated your first name.

    I take it that if you are called a 'MOND' as a child...that this means that you become powerful in the ILL CULT?


    What about surnames?


  49. Check out BEAUMONDE law practice in the UK - upon a google search, for example...a very successful law firm...or perhaps a 'family firm'.

  50. What about BAD WORD - opposed to GOOD WORLD?

    MARK R took this photograph for the album by EVA (zygote slave alias).


    The above website was put together by men at the TEMPLAR CASTLE...TASCHMANNS were involved...they used to 'perform' on stage now and then...I clicked on requiem of madness:

    I recognised quite a few of the ILLustrations...MARK R had obviously been choosing them for album covers...whether or not these HEAVY METAL bands really exist or not...but I would guess that they do.

    HEAVY METAL has always been associated with has strong links with the GOTHIC...

    In these can see a lot of coded references to the ILL CULT...

    For example 'finalnd' instead of FINLAND - it means 'death' as in the FINAL NDE.

    PAUL DIBBENS knew all about this sort of thing...

    Looking at the ILLustrations...there is an obsession with GATES...rather like the GATES of the TEMPLAR CASTLE. You have one image of a GATE which has a massive O Iin flames upon it...and CIA is encoded into the title.

  52. The light has now considerably brightened in the GREYMAN flat...and we can now see BELLE COURT in the robe of the MOTHER SUPERIOR and a shape about it in GREY...which is kind of reminds me of a 'little dinosaur'...attacking the GREY COWL of the MOTHER SUPERIOR...that is supposed to be me?

    Why are these people pissing around so much with their light shows?

    What is the point?

    How hideously childish.

  53. Let me think...LYCHEES...lychi...RIMINGTON used the idea of a LYCHEE for what...was it the jelly of a person's brain or their eyes?

    At any rate - in 2004 - it was another programmed stage in this ILL CULT game. I had to buy a large amount of them off the market - for some reason...

    Funnily - enough - after a glut of them on the UK fruit market some years ago...they have all but disappeared now...

  54. No - I am wrong here - it was KIWI fruit...and RIMINGTON had wanted me to buy bags of them...

    LYCHEES were used for programming though...look at the imagery of them:


    RIMINGTON had used these LYCHEES in programming - looking at the above imagery - can you imagine a fruit more suitable for OVARY/OVA programming?

  56. Make sure he tries the lychee, he tells the mother. It’s the strange fruit on the platter, the one no one knows about.

    And sure enough, in the audience, hands go up, followed by voice questions, “What was that fruit, that white one?”

    Lychee fruit, he tells them. More than 30 kinds, the fruit originated in China, now Israel is the largest producer. High in vitamin C, with a bumpy, papery, red skin that peels away to a soft white flesh.

    Enough of the same fruits year-round. He’s looking for something different. A new taste on the tongue, more flavor, variety. Something unusual. Satisfying. Delicious.

    He remembers when he was younger and the only place he could find lychees was the Chinese restaurant. And no one ordered them. But he knew the sweet, pearly softness, the way its taste reminded him of places he’d never been. And now he knows that this fruit in particular softens the taste buds; lychee-flavored lollipops soothe the taste buds and queasy stomach of chemotherapy patients.

    A gem, this little bud that doesn’t grow anywhere nearby. That alone is part of its allure – that he can obtain it, that he can tempt taste buds with a new flavor, introduce his customers to a far-off fruit, expand their culinary horizons.
    He answers questions, he shakes hands, he conveys information.

    And as he does so in the evening in his small part of the world, somewhere else it is daylight and someone is in a field, picking the alligator-strawberry ovals off shiny green leaves, dropping them in a bucket.

    Lychee or litchi or laichi or lichu, the only member of the genus litchi in the soapberry family. Grown on trees in tropical locations where summers are humid and winters are short. The trees grow slow and tall, as high as 35 feet, evergreens with fruit in clusters.

    When ripe, the fruit is small – no more than an inch and a half long. Small, succulent, a burst of flavor on the tongue.

    You can find them at Hiller’s.

  57. Yes, I can see that my memory got confused there....I had to mention LYCHEES (expose it as a programming number, here) but RIMINGTON had made me go out and buy bags of KIWI fruit instead - to confuse my memories...

    What do KIWI fruit symbolise then?

  58. So I will not be offering my mother KIWI fruit - just in case...who knows what that might symbolise?

  59. As far as I can see...any fruit with a lot of SEEDS in it - was used by the ILL CULT.

    POMEGRANATES are probably the relation to GRENADE (ORANGE 'OLA' SUICIDE BOMBER attached):

    Origin of the Word
    The path of pomegranate’s etymology is clear. In Middle English it was poumgarnet and pomegranard, borrowed from Middle French pomme grenate, from Old French pome grenate, from pome apple, fruit + grenate seedy, from Latin pomum granatum ‘apple of many seeds.’
    The Exploding Pomegranate
    By the middle of the seventeenth century, the French word for pomegranate grenade was used in English to name a small round bomb-like device that was tossed into enemy trenches where it exploded sending its seeds of death, bits of shrapnel, into enemy bodies.

  60. See my notes from the PRISON MUSEUM in JERUSALEM relating to the homemade GRENADE packed into an ORANGE...which two prisoners used to commmit suicide rather than be hung by the BRITISH...

  61. KIWI 'GREEN' is between RIMINGTON's shade of GREEN and MARK R' the pair of them would have been trying to ignite their programming within my mother...but of course, I will not now offer her KIWI fruit...I have taken it out of the fruit salad and thrown it in the bin - washing the rest of the salad to remove any traces...

  62. Looking at that COLLECTIONS DIRECT bogus letter - supposedly from NPOWER (which it might be for all I know)...

    I turned it over to read the back:







    So that is how NPOWER/MARK R figures he could charge you:

    ...up to £315.65 upon the front of the letter...

  63. MARK R even calls himself:

    MARK HOWELL the end of the letter:


  64. The letter is dated 12th January.

    It arrived yesterday 16th January.

    I know what happened in 2004:

    THE TASCHMANNS called around with a BOGUS POLICEMAN - in order to force entry and then to try to install a METER.

    As if by 'chance' a member of CHP then turned up and told them that they couldn't install a meter in one of their flats.

    CHP then turned me out of the flat for causing a 'nuisance'.

  65. This is what the ILL CULT had been hoping to do next week in 2010.

    I suppose they would have taken the date of the letter and were hoping to force entry upon:

    19th January 2010

    ...because the letter states that I have to make payment arrangements 'within 7 days'.

  66. If any of them dare to turn up - I will be ready with my notepad and I will take ALL ID - NAMES AND NUMBERS.

    ...and that will be the very least of their will all see.

  67. Anyway, I have already contacted NPOWER - see previous notes in order to make 'payment arrangements' - it is simply that I would like to see a BILL first - before being threatened in this way.

  68. I have no idea of how the above amount was worked out.

    In fact, I had a flash of the NPOWER MANAGER not having a clue either - he had worked out that I had been overcharged by about £50 upon my current tariff.

  69. I have contacted NPOWER in relation to paying the bill - and one can only hope that PAUL CARTWRIGHT will take the matter into his own hands and get it sorted, quickly.

    Therefore I should NOT be threatened again by this 'agency'.

    If I am threatened again - their actions will be illegal - I have contacted NPOWER - I want a bill from NPOWER, in order to make sure that this 'COLLECTIONS DIRECT' agency is not a BOGUS one - which it appears to be.

  70. You see how sick, petty and spiteful those like MARK R are?

    No 'behaviour' is too low, for these people.

  71. Anyway, I shall show my mother the COLLECTIONS DIRECT letter to her, today.

    She will probably explode about it - but I shall remain calm.

    The more people who see the letter and know about this SCAM - the better.

  72. I will post up the BACK of this COLLECTIONS DIRECT letter upon my LIVEJOURNAL blogspot:

  73. I might add that I began my tenancy of this flat:

    14th September 2009

    The date today is:

    17th January 2010

    I was expecting a largish WINTER gas bill - but having approximated it last appears that NPOWER is charging me something like £8 per week and ONLY for gas.

    This is a 1 bedroomed flat with only 1 person living in it.

    I will take a meter reading and work this bill out precisely.

  74. COLLECTIONS DIRECT tell me that I apparently owe:


  75. They do not tell me how this bill has been worked out or upon what tariff.

    That is why I need to see a bill first.

  76. I have now posted up a scan of the BACK of this sick COLLECTIONS DIRECT upon:

    I will make a copy of the letter so that my mother can take it home with her.

  77. ...and remember, if anybody dares to harass me in this flat...your ID will not only go STRAIGHT UP ON THE will also be being filmed by the MILITARY. Think about it.

  78. As I had told the POLICE before...the MILITARY are in an out of this building upon a regular basis - they have infra-red upon it...CCTV - you name it...

  79. Here is an email that I have just sent to PAUL CARTWRIGHT in the complaints department of NPOWER, this morning:


    In relation to the letter from an agency called COLLECTIONS DIRECT who claim to be working on behalf of NPOWER.

    I am worried that this might be a SCAM.

    You see, I have never received a GAS BILL from NPOWER at all. (See previous emails below).

    I have had no GAS BILL and the letter sent to me from COLLECTIONS DIRECT is telling me to pay a certain amount £131.83 and immediately (within 7 days from the date of the letter which will be this Monday 18th January).

    I find this very suspicious - could you possibly check this matter out for me?

    I would like to see how my NPOWER GAS BILL was actually worked out - in terms of usage and TARIFF before I pay it - which I will do so immediately - once I actually have a proper NPOWER GAS BILL in my hands.

    I have added a scan of the back of this letter to my blogspot ( ) - so that you can see both sides of this letter from this agency called COLLECTIONS DIRECT.
    Kind regards

    Emily Gyde

  80. Let me see..who was the POLICE OFFICER in 2004?

    A PC ABRAHMS 'lookalike' - I cannot be sure - but it certainly looked like him.

    ROS is telling me that he was promised an extra £3,000 to do the 'job'.

  81. I will have fun - if any of them turn up - for the cameras - I 'outrank' any bent copper, i can tell you...

    So ID will be a priority...number, rank, station...the lot.

  82. There was also the little matter of R. THORPE which you all might like to know - is still an 'open file'.

    You have all been WARNED.

  83. A new email from JIAJING:

    Flag this messageyou are as silent as shitSunday, 17 January, 2010 2:18From: "Jiajing Sun" Add sender to ContactsTo: emily,

    you are as silent as shit, you know what?

    why don't you stand out and face me and call my psychopath?

    you British suck! rubbish of the nations.

    endless is my vicotry, u were torn into pieces, i revenaged for all the people that you enslaved.

    there should be more fallen upon you, suckers.

  84. First letter code:


    That reminds me of a WELSH name...yes, it's coming back...

  85. 'Regarding ID - that should screw the BENT COPPERS up' say the regiment.

    It surely will.

  86. I have also to mention the BOTTOM of the COLLECTIONS DIRECT letter:

    Registered in England and Wales.

    Registered Office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill way, Swindon SN5 6PB

    Apparently there is something very BENT about this 'office' too.

  87. DAVID ICKE's new newsletter talks about how the ILL CULT satanists force people to do things like 'watch a baby being kicked to death' and these people 'can never be the same again'...

    PAUL DIBBENS was of that opinion - once the SATANISTS had tainted felt so 'dirty' and so besmirched that you felt like you were 'one of them' in the end...

    I have personally never had that problem - just throw all of their evil back upon them.

    PAUL- you would NEVER have done those things in your right mind - once you really KNOW that one - and it is a true statement - you are free of SATANISM - throw all of their evil back upon them.

  88. Upon the networks:

    Regarding your ISLAMIC NWO - TOMLINSON:

    You will be held directly responsible for any deaths - if any of your slaves continue to act out your ‘program’ - that is a NOTICE from the ARMY/SAS/MI6.

    I might add that I do not suppose that PETROL NELL comes under that one anymore - she was more powerful than you - so I would guess that MARK R is directly responsible for her.

  89. I have just received an email from:

    MARK R had wanted me to type in an URL:

    The idea being that this blog was a LIE.

    See iqbl:


    HA HA

    Nothing doing.

  90. Despite NOT having registered - I only opened the email and then cancelled the registration - I then got an email back immediately saying this:

    Dear blackrabbit713,

    Congratulations, your registration was successful.
    You can now start writing posts, uploading your media, connecting with your friends, finding fun and interesting content and much more on allows you to design your blog the way you want it, with many beautiful standard design templates already available for you.
    Have fun blogging.

    mokono GmbH,,,
    Oranienstr. 183, 10999 Berlin, Germany
    Tel.: +49-30-322955-0, Fax.: +49-30-322955-299
    Registergericht: HRB 103446, Managers: Florian Wilken, Vasco Sommer

  91. Yes, I can remember that MARK R used to use the alias FLORIAN quite a bit.

  92. It is reassuring to know that haven't put this blog up:

    I would guess that FLORIAN's company now needs to be investigated thoroughly.

    I got this message when I typed in the above URL:

    Page not found
    The requested page "" does not exist.


    Other things to try:
    Search on

    Go to

  93. I might add that I also applied for a blog to:

    I have not had an email back from EITHER of them as yet.

    Two more of MARK R's companies?

    You bet.

    I will disregard both in future.

    If I need a 'new blog' I will look further afield.

  94. Update upon YELL.COM (with those from yesterday - i think that the ones before the - were from yesterday at any rate):



  95. 1HTtectO8byT*

    A new text message 'first letter code' from ORANGE.

  96. Look at this:

    To 'The Occupier', love Collections Direct

    Hi everyone...I'm in an agony of indecision and some advice would be most appreciated 

    This morning a letter arrived at my house, addressed to 'The Occupier' . It turned out to be a letter from a gang calling themselves 'Collections Direct (Pre Court Division)' demanding about £50 for an outstanding gas bill.

    The letter is the usual guff...Dear Customer(!)...instructed by requirement to send notice of intending court summons...fulfills requirement even if you do not actually read it...we may visit you to make an assessment before we commence proceedings, and our costs for this, plus legal costs, will be added to your account...To prevent us taking legal action you must pay within 10 days ring us now...or send a cheque...

    The letter finishes off with a foretelling of the dire consequences to be expected, once Judge Bonkers of the Cloudcuckooland County Court has allowed them to make a claim against 'The Occupier' AKA 'Dear Customer'.

    'On entering Judgement in Court, we may seek to enforce payment of the debt in one or more of the following ways:

    Warrant of execution by bailiffs against goods you own

    Attachment of earnings order with your present or future employer

    Charging order on any property you own or are purchasing under a mortgage'

    ...Plus the usual thing about CCJ's affecting your credit rating.

    The letter is signed by the 'Debt Recovery Manager' , one Nicola Cook. What a nice gal, to be sure.

    Now I must admit that I'm not too worried at this stage. I moved here in March and immediately transferred the account to EDF, with whom I'd been for 3 years previously. The gas and electricity were (and still are) on the key and card. I've had no letters at all to me (or 'The Occupier' for that matter) from nPower demanding money.

    But I'm quite curious..who are 'Collections Direct'? A quick google found nothing. The small print at the bottom of the page gives their registered office as 'Rebyl Ltd' (Co No 04043701) in Swindon. However, Companies House shows Rebyl Ltd as Dormant when the last company accounts were presented. A search of CAG forums revealed no mention of Collections Direct. They seem to exist only as a postal address (Freepost NAT12101) in Gateshead.

    Any idea who these clowns might be?

    Where I'm in need of some good CAGger advice is on further action. As far as I see I have the following options (obviously it's way too early for a CCA when they haven't even addressed me by name):

    1) Do nothing, just keep the letter for future possible use and wait to see what happens.

    2) Send a bog-off letter to the honey-penned Ms Cook, pointing out that addressing letters to 'The Occupier' is specifically classed as an unfair and/or dishonest practice by the OFT, and could affect their fitness to hold a licence.

    3) Ignore the delightful Ms Cook, and write to nPower, pointing out that they are responsible for the conduct of a DCA representing them, and demand an explanation.

    4) Ignore both, send to 'Occupier' letter to Trading Standards and the OFT and raise a formal complaint about the blatant breach of the guidelines.

    5) None of the above or a combination thereof?

    Any advice or information welcome..

  97. Here is one of the comments left:

    Re: To 'The Occupier', love Collections Direct

    As to who they are, I note that neither company name is listed listed
    amongst the occupiers of the Windmill Hill location. But look who is based















    It's fairly clear who the prime suspects are, then. Whilst I understand that
    it is unlawful for a dormant company to trade, I gather that it has been argued that if the staff are paid by another company, then the name can be used - but see below. On the other hand, companies can use other names as 'trading styles' - lots of DCAs do it. Companies House will be able to answer the question.

    However, even if they are not breaching company law, there are still two serious matters:

    Firstly, neither Collections Direct nor Rebyl are registered as data controllers with the Information Commissioner. Of the various nPower companies, only nPower Financial Services is registered for the purposes of debt factoring and administration - but no other 'trading styles' appear in their Information Commissioners Office entry. So, a clear breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. No doubt a dormant company can be registered - but if it's processing data, then it's not dormant. They cannot say that nPower xxx Ltd processes data on behalf of Collections Direct or Rebyl (Reptyle would be more appropriate); they must be registered separately.

    Secondly, the OFT guidelines are clear that creditors and DCAs should not be
    deceitful or misleading, and this is as fine an example of both as I have

    As an aside, I see that nPower's director of debt collection was one of the judges at this years Debt Collector of the Year awards - still, no matter how low the bar is set, you can guarantee that one of the DCAs will be able to limbo right under it...

  98. Somebody has penned a warning letter back to COLLECTIONS DIRECT:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    You have contacted "The Occupier" regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by "The Occupier"

    I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to (insert company name).

    I am are familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question.

    I would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable. In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods.

    Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment.

    I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question.

    I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the OFT of your actions.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully

  99. That is a key point - I do NOT know that COLLECTIONS DIRECT are a lawful 'debt collector' at all and as I have made it quite clear to NPOWER by email - I am happy to pay my GAS BILL at any time - just send me a GAS BILL because I haven't had one yet. How easy would that be?

    All I want is a damn bill...

  100. i am now going to send the following to NPOWER CUSTOMER SERVICES from their website:

    I moved into this property upon 14th September 2010:

    FLAT 2

    I have NOT had a GAS BILL from NPOWER - not one.

    Yet COLLECTIONS DIRECT has suddenly contacted me demanding £131.83

    I am willing to pay my GAS BILL immediately but I would like a bill beforehand - in order to check the usage and tariff of my account.

    I do not know if this is a lawful debt collection agency at all.

    It appears to be acting illegally.

    Please send me a REAL GAS BILL a.s.a.p.

  101. I couldn't send it via NPOWER website - of course, you need a valid postcode in order to send emails them...

    So I sent the above to JULIE RACE of customer services instead.

    I need to send this email to more than just one customer service person - just to make sure.

  102. I then sent this email, in general to:

    Why? Because if they are all under mind control - then they will be triggered by the complaint number:

    Complaint reference: 97019778

    Therefore I haven't included this in the last email that I have sent.

  103. My mother and I had a very good time today - a look at the shops and then down the pier…to see the fishermen and then a walk on the beach…

    One thing…my mother said something like ‘spas’…something like that…and I got a slight cramp in my right foot…I then told her the programming words regarding CONTENTION…etc…and how to relax the muscles…she had been suffering from this at night…cramps…for some time…

    I also said CON the FATTY OWLS…for a laugh as we were walking down PENFOLD ROAD…she laughed…a little girl laugh…that was where RIMINGTON had said that the DOCTORS of the ILL CULT were programmed…and I had remembered that CON is short for CONFOUND…meaning ‘block mind control commands’…

    In a previous conversation upon the phone…I had also offered her ‘consolation’ as in ’that’s a consolation’ regarding OAP FREE bus passes in a jokey sort of way and she really laughed at that one….for some reason, my mother cannot believe that I do not have a ‘free bus pass’….she asks me that one, every time she sees me…I explain to her that being unemployed doesn’t qualify you for a free bus pass…but thinking about that one now…there was a time when it did.

    This was something to do with RIMINGTON and ‘moving people around’ - it made it easier for her to mobilise mind control slaves on benefits who couldn’t afford bus/train fares…if she wanted them to ‘do a job’…

    John waters says ‘correct’.

    That is how CHEAP the ILL CULT are in relation to their slaves…do you ‘get’ the mindset?

    Let the unemployed use the bus services for free…so that you can use them - any time anywhere…upon a bus route as a mind control slave - doing whatever RIMINGTON wanted them to do - in whatever ‘local‘ area…incredible but true. The thinking behind it was:

    We want to save on travel expenses…we do not even want to give our slaves the bus fare to get to the area in which they have been given instructions under mind control to do a ‘job’ and back again.

  104. Obviously unworkable…something went wrong with that one - and it was phased out quickly.

    So no, the reality behind ‘free bus passes’ for the unemployed wasn’t the STATE helping those who were unemployed, to travel around their area in order to find work…quite the opposite. Strange but true. The ILL CULT for you.

    This country has been ruled by MORONS for too long - the ROYALS and BI…this MAD-HOUSE…so eventually somebody, somewhere had to blow the whistle upon the lot of them…the TEMPLAR CASTLE burning down…took the lid off the lot of it…to reveal BRITISH INTELLIGENCE…heavily under mind control…going quietly mad…or not so ‘quietly mad’…in a corner - under extreme mind control.


    Anyway, my mother was very good about the COLLECTIONS DIRECT agency…she told me that she would deal with it…get my father onto them.

    She also told me that another DEBT COLLECTION agency had sent my parents another threatening letter about an impending lawsuit if I didn’t pay the BRITISH GAS bill for EAGLE HOUSE.

    Now I have already been through that one - COLLIE’s regiment had supposedly sorted it out and at source. PETROL NELL had fiddled the GAS METER which is outside of the building and in the passage - with TOMLINSON.

    COLLIE’s regiment had found out that the amount of GAS that I had used whilst in that FLAT 3, was negligible in relation to what I had been charged for…and that I had already paid over and above what was owed…

    However, BRITISH GAS had ‘sold the debt on’ to a DEBT COLLECTION agency which is still sending my parents’ letters…and once, they even dared to phone my parents’ up in order to demand information as to where I lived now…see previous notes in relation to what my mother said to them - in order to ‘tell them where to go’.

    I have already OUTED that particular agency upon the web. Your boss is now dead (I ’saw’ that one) - how many of you want to stay alive? This reminds me of what I had told MI6 - the ILL CULT put a ‘new boss’ in charge…he/she dies (because ‘accidents happen‘)…they put a new boss in charge…he/she dies…how many do we have to get through before these people give up?

  105. Let me put this in summary:

    You had the top ILL like the JACOB ROTHSCHILD...and many others...globally.

    They all died 'accidentally' some time ago.

    You then had the next tier of the ILL CULT - they all died 'accidentally' and some time ago.

    You now have the next tier - DALDRY's lot I suppose...and they will all die 'accidentally' - if any of them continues to try to harm me, in any way.

  106. ...and so it continues until the 'wise' stop trying to harm me - as well as trying to continue the ILL CULT.

    We are now working our way down the pyramid until we get to a layer who would rather be NOT ILL...rather than ILL...and in every single arena...walk of life.

  107. Why have TOP ILL died and some of them not died?

    It is the SHAME FACTOR - to be outed in public for all of their sins.

    I was thinking about WALKER this she had died in a LONDON TUBE TUNNEL upon 7/7 because she had thought up the idea of 7/7...

    Wouldn't it have been better to make her suffer - by letting her live - to be OUTED for the above?

    It is a cruel business...but lessons have to be learnt...

    I then figured that it was basically MARK R fault - he had given a very stupid woman - the means to do so much damage to so many people...and that in terms of being that stupid...and gullible...WALKER was one of the worst...did she need to suffer? Not was MARK R who needed to suffer. Let him see his minions die around him...and it was 'right' in a way...for WALKER to die in the very horror, that she had planned for others...her death fitted her crime.

  108. I then thought, upon reflection...that letting RIMINGTON live, had actually been a good idea...good for her be OUTED for what she had done...and given a 'let-out clause' in terms of:

    This is what ROYALTY/BLACK NOBILITY did to you...this is how SICK you were...mentally and, you - as a soul - can look back at your own life...and bring it all together...or you can 'go down'...and descend into complete madness...either way...

  109. It depends upon a certain strength of mind...whether these people can deal with it or not...if they cannot...they 'go down' all the way...

  110. ...because they never ever thought that they would be OUTED for any of it...that was always their worst fear...they wanted 'respectability' above all things...within the public eye....when they do not have that...they are crushed.

  111. Only the toughest minds survive that one...and can TURN THEMSELVES AROUND.

  112. It is a test of STRENGTH OF MIND...a true test of character.

  113. Am I being unfair?

    Perhaps...RIMINGTON had obviously been 'picked on' and tortured out of her mind...from an early the ILL CULT.

    Rather like TOMLINSON had 'picked on' two MUSLIM POLICEWOMEN in terms of torturing them out of their minds and then running them as 'zombies' for the ISLAMIC NWO.

    One of them held onto her sanity and her 'I' more than the other (the taller one - I cannot remember names)...the other lost her soul entirely...she is now a complete robot and what the ILL CULT call an EVIL SEED.

    There is NO occultism involved here - what is meant by EVIL SEED is a BODY and not a SOUL...the soul was frightened off...never to come back...the BODY is then heavily programmed...words/sentences/commands/beliefs are written into the linguistic part of the brain and this person is literally run like a robot...

  114. I didn't make that clear - when talking about EDMUND HARRISON...whom the 'regiment' called EDMUND DE VERRE...he was a far more important EVIL charge of ILL CULT money/banking/finances globally.

    What the ILL CULT mean by EVIL SEED is somebody who transmits from a PHYSICAL BODY consciousness rather than a SOUL consciousness...

    This is what TOMLINSON had been reduced to at the TEMPLAR CASTLE.

    'ZOMBIES' are generally very sexually attractive in this way...the 'full power' of the BODY is on and transmitting...

    ...but there is 'nobody at home' in their heads...

    EVIL SEED = the commands whispered into their a programmer...the victim is 'dead' upon the floor in an NDE... a more technical sense...the victim is in a BI/CIA/KGB lab...on a an NDE...and the same is done, as by electronic equipment...

  115. EVIL SEEDS are the most dangerous people within the ILL CULT because they are entirely programmed...they have no autonomy whatsoever.

    They may pretend to hold onto their religious identity but they believe that they are SATANISTS and fulfilling a 'greater cause'.

    So they may be MUSLIMS/JOOS/CHRISTIANS but they are none of these...nor any other religion...the 'soul' is gone...the programmed body remains.

  116. The ILL CULT have separated these people's 'I' from their body.

    The 'I' is either up there in the 'ether'...literally in the atmosphere or trapped down below.

    The BODY is used as a demonic tool.

  117. Their 'I' doesn't care what happens to their 'body' anymore...they can 'see' what is happening upon this planet...

    We are all 'I's...and we can all see...wherever we are, upon this planet...whether we have been forced out of our bodies and reside elsewhere or not...

  118. RIMINGTON's body just wanted to die...

    Her soul and her 'I' - was not linked to her body...her soul/I wanted her body to die...

    RIMINGTON's body was a walking 'automaton'...her soul/I no longer had any power over it...

  119. ...yet the ILL CULT wouldn't let her die...they loved torturing a 'TENSE FISH'...

  120. ...and a CLENCHED FIST...

    The ILL CULT found RIMINGTON wildly entertaining.

    RIMINGTON clenched her fists often and shook one in fury, often as not...

    She believed in SATANISM - wasn't that enough?

    What more did they want of her?

    Why was she continually tortured?

  121. RIMINGTON had become the PERFECT SATANIST and yet the ILL CULT had continued to torture her and for her entire life...

  122. She had done everything that they wanted...and yet she hadn't met their 'standards'...

  123. When I look back at the above notes...I begin to wonder if MR ICKE knows something that I don' relation to his 'beyond this frequency' there are extremely evil entities...which 'are let in'...and are let in by current MILITARY research by the ILL CULT...

    All I can say is this:

    The TEMPLAR CASTLE was run by MAD CHILDREN...who killed just about everybody in sight...

    It was not 'aliens coming in via the frequencies' in relation to 'altered realities' - this was all drug-induced rubbish.

    I should know - I couldn't stomach the RAINBOW JUICE.


    i saw in the future that PETROL NELL was 'dealt with' by the SAS and so was the 'short' MUSLIM wasn't was 'discreet' acid bath to boot, in order to get rid of the bodies...that is what happens to EVIL SEEDS...all I can repeat to TOMLINSON is this:

    IF you really care about these women - as you pretended that you did - at the TEMPLAR CASTLE- then you have to STOP RUNNING THEM as MIND CONTROL SLAVES within this program.

    They will not survive the program.

    You will be responsible for their deaths.

  125. The program continues to run...people continue to many more do you want dead, TOMLINSON?

  126. The SAS, in their talks with me...wanted to 'save' the taller MUSLIM POLICEWOMAN...I had rapidly told them all details - this woman had had a SCOTTISH father...and they wanted her saved...what can I say...she was demoted once she had arrested she entered the POLICE her 'boss'...she is living on borrowed time in relation to anything else she does...

  127. I would guess that 'SCOTTISH' is big with the SAS then?

    ...the question I now have to ask the SAS is this:

    How far would you go in relation to a ZOMBIE who had the ID of SCOTTISH?

    I can see that 'of SCOTTISH origins' is a reference to being 'not under ER/ROYAL mind control as the rest of them'...but what about OZ?

  128. All I know is that certain members of the SAS could act as I could do...we were not 'scared' of the PROJECTORS beams, for example...we could 'get behind' anybody who tried to 'project' to us...

  129. RIMINGTON...I understand her a little, at last...she had loved 'john waters' as I a child (I am not sure about how much I 'love' him as an adult - we all have to prove ourselves continually, in a way - and make sure that our nearest and dearest, haven't gone to the 'dark side')...

    john waters had been 'set up' to 'go to the dark side'...through S/M parlours that taught paedophilia...knowledge through sex with children...


    This had a scientific basis...

    TODDLERS learn at an excelerated rate...and at a certain brainwave level - they can learn anything.

    The ILL CULT knew that - they wanted more experimentation upon the subject.

    They also knew that TODDLERS were highly 'psychic' - in terms of their brains being able to pick up DNA transmissions (which should have been from their PARENTS as teachers and protectors).

    The ILL CULT substituted things for the the heart of the DALAI 'teachings'.

  130. 'john waters' was TAUGHT by the ILL CULT...precisely what they had wanted him to learn...the feeling transmitted by the CHILD...and also by WOMEN who reach orgasim whilst being raped continually...the 'explusion of the object in one's vagina/womb'...the downward thrust of the muscles...

    john waters couldn't approach women...he felt that he was homosexual in the 1950s...his ILL CULT PROGRAMMER had made him go up to women in public and say things like 'I want to lick your breasts'...women shunned him to the extreme, within his small hometown...

    He couldn't remember his programmer making him do or say these things...

    So he 'developed the idea' as part of his character because he was extremely intelligent...and detached...a really unintelligent person might have thought 'I'd never do that - something funny got into my head' and have no further thoughts about it...

    ...but an intelligent mind agonises over such things...and so many incidences...everywhere...all over his small town...JOHN WATERS programmer was trying to teach him that women HATED him...they reviled him...they walked the other way, when they saw him upon the street...

  131. I do not know if the above post makes sense to most people...but in brief:

    WOMEN orgasm when they 'suck up the seed'...and they abort when their muscles do the opposite...

    john waters was 'set up' to learn how a very young child (upon his penis) can be stimulated through torture to 'abort'...because little girl's bodies are the same as women's bodies...they have the vulva...the same 'little penis' as when they are older...

    I might add that MARK R laughed at me for even attempting to write the above because I would never attempt to write these things in an 'academic way'.

    Look at my dissertation upon JARMAN.

    I KNOW how to 'do academic'.

    I have no respect for 'academic'.

    Do not bother me with that one.

  132. In brief - MI6

    Whoever was in control of MI6 - 1963-7

    ...was RESPONSIBLE for what happend to 'john waters' as a programmer in this country.

    He wasn't like TOMLINSON - he wasn't interested in BLACK MAGIC...he wasn't interested in SATANISM....

    His friends around BLACKHEATH were JEWISH and a bit ELEANOR BRON...they were the 'way out' for him...the seances they held...consciousness raising sessions...

  133. RESULT: of the above comments:

    MI6 was a paedophile unit - a NAZI establishment and bent on using TODDLERS to explore their 'new horizons' - no mystery to that one - just the development of the brain - when it is growing at its most accelerated rate.


    (Linked to CELERY for some reason).

  134. Tell me: Are you really Emily Gyde?

  135. Monday morning...and I looked out of the window to see if the GREY MAN flat was lit wasn't but a WHITE VAN was parked outside MAGNET HOUSE in full view of BELLE COURT and I remembered what MARK R had wanted me to do as yet another stage in the ILL CULT game - in 2004:

    Get out my binoculars and find out what the REGISTRATION was...because apparently these men would try to break into the flat.

    In 2004 - I took down this registration:

    SY02 ENH

    In 2010, I got out my binoculars again and I 'read' the guy's mind as I did it...'some crazy focker with binoculars in the window'...

    The registration plate this time was:

    EY02 EHH

    So my guess here was that this was all a 'pack of dominoes' thing...this guy rings somebody to trigger them...and so on...that is how ILL CULT programming generally works...unless you have a 'weak link' in the chain.

    In respect to the above REGISTRATION PLATE - the weak link is:

    EYORE - the donkey

    In PRAGUE 1995 - I told DALDRY that he was the 'weakest link' (although he was channelling PRINCE CHARLES for part of the evening - and RIMINGTON)...he put his head back and roared with laughter...


    Look at FUUMAKONAN's livejournal - I have just had a look at it - nothing but two SHOCKING PINK advertisements for EYE TREATMENT.

    Look at FUUMAKONON's ICON upon this blog:


    This is the ORANGES at work...the suicide bomber squad...the real terrorists of this world.

  137. '6' is telling me...we will have them.

    The whole point is to 'draw them out of the woodwork'.

  138. Yes, I can remember now - having seen the WHITE VAN parked outside this morning- I was then to expect the ILL CULT attack this morning - the COLLECTIONS DIRECT thugs and the BENT COPPER.

  139. greenie isn't working for you anymore is he? He left some time ago...he comes under the MILITARY not ORANGE banner...

  140. Yes, I know why the ILL CULT had planned the attack for today - it would have been 'numerologically correct'.


    My mother wanted a GAS METER READING to take with her - in order to sort this 'agency' out.

    We went to the meter room and I read out:

    BLACK: 00033

    RED: 711 and then it changed to 712

    Isn't this funny?

    As MR ICKE told me:

    33 is the son of god number.

    The ILL CULT were hoping that my mother would take 713 as the in LIE.

    ...but we got there just a bit too early, heh heh.

  141. I am almost enjoying exposing these people and their sick systems now...

    You see - how the ILL CULT had got all of their 'best brains' involved in my persecution and over a period of 5 years - they have done their best to try to drive me to suicide...and instead, I came out fighting.

    So rest assured - if ONE WOMAN can defeat the lot of them...when they have worked their fingers to the bone trying to 'get' her...just think how POWERLESS and IMPOTENT these people are in the real world - the whole lot of them.

    I mean - they do not have the time or the energy to do this to everybody...

    It is all beginnning to make me laugh again.

    However, it is NOT funny - these ORANGES are terrorists - they were behind 7/7 and more recently the HAITI tragedy.

  142. There is nothing funny about people who have been tortured into the state of being ZOMBIES.

    Well there is, if one thinks about spoof zombie movies - but one shouldn't laugh - they are simply terrorist 'robots'.

    Some people are simply pushed too far during torture and they 'never come back'.

  143. This morning - I had a message from MARTIN GILL:


    It was coded:



    The first was a warning for me to remain in this flat until the 'all clear' and not to think about 'going on holiday' etc...

    The second was accompanied with images of this SITE...upon which BELLE COURT had been built.

    There had once been an ILL CULT SLAUGHTER-HOUSE hanger upon this spot.

    Additionally, I was also then told about the WINDMILL HILL location.

    See the bottom of the COLLECTIONS DIRECT letter in relation to the registered office:

    SN5 6PB

    Apparently this was the site of one of the main ILL CULT SLAUGHTER-HOUSES in the entire country - which is presumably why NPOWER thought it a good idea to 'base' themselves there.

    For occultic reasons?

    I suppose they like the 'negative energy' of such places...

  144. I might add that when I look out of the window and down the 'drive' into BELLE can see the TASCHMANN pavement to the left...which the TASCHMANNS had constructed for 'only RIMINGTON' to walk on...nobody else from the TRAVELODGE/BELLE COURT/JACKSON COURT was allowed to walk down it...they could cross it but not walk on it...

    Before you get to the TASCHMAN pavement and nearest to the GENERATOR building - is a small oddly shaped 'island' of green grass by a RED BRICK WALL...

    This was supposed to symbolise ILLuminati ISLE...

    ...which is why I dumped the BATTERY from the MAGNET HOUSE WALL upon this 'isle'...

    The battery had symbolised a BOMB...

  145. i left the BATTERY by a concrete POLE and a stump of WOOD at the foot of the isle...all symbolism...

  146. I also noted the ILL CULT command:

    SUICIDAL yesterday...

    ...and wondered how much power WALKER had really had, in relation to MARK R...she had even dared to talk back to the PRINCES at the TEMPLAR CASTLE which nobody else had relation to trying to make me her slave...despite their over-ruling that one...


    i then thought about how these commands had been re-appropriated and used against the ILL in question...

    I flashbacked to before going to father and I turned up at:


    ...situated at LONDON POLY - 'SU' - students' union.

    It was the cheapest travel insurance in town and manned by 'intelligence'.


  147. WALKER as I have already pointed out - died a terrible choking death - alone in a dark tunnel - after having managed to get free of the crushed up tube train...a suitable punishment for her crimes, I would have thought:


  148. I then began to think about what had happened in at the ACADEMIC CENTER all over again...

    I had known MCDONALD, SWISS CONTROLLER and OBAMA for quite a few years by that point in time...but as ROS had pointed feels like the first time but somehow they are 'so familiar'...and you 'get on' immediately...'they are all bastards' she says...I agree.

    I then thought about how I never saw any of them at the ACADEMIC CENTER with the MEN IN BLACK - those like PUTIN/MILIBAND/TOMLINSON and OBAMA I might add...

    ...but he was an odd one...he was spying...and he told me off, telepathically for nearly exposing him by 'staring' the foyer...

    i might also add that OBAMA was using a BRITISH ACCENT at the must have been his first English language accent...

  149. MCDONALD and SWISS CONTROLLER hung around in BLUE JEANS...looking 'studenty' the building down the road...nearest to the gates of the university...where the EFL teacher's computer room was housed...

  150. You then have NIR who was actually a student at the university and his study bedroom overlooked the ACADEMIC CENTER...his room was high up in a tower block... how do I put it all together?

  151. MARK R had wanted me to hand over the keys to WHITE BASE/HOKKAIDO to MCDONALD and SWISS CONTROLLER at that point in time...

    NIR and his rebel ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE group - had wanted those keys handed over to the CHINESE in order to achieve a 'balance of power'...they knew that the CHINESE would have to employ RUSSIAN help at some point, in order to decode everything....but at least it would give them a 'handle' on the situation and a headstart...

  152. To offset matters...I also had a message for PUTIN - from ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER/MARR apparently from the CROWN in relation to the planned ASIAN TSUNAMI 2004.

    MCDONALD then told me to warn my Indonesian friend and to advise them to take out insurance with LONDON companies...I suppose MCDONALD wanted to rap ROYAL knuckles...TEMPLAR this point in time...because all monies were being transferred to HONG KONG...

  153. i also had an FBI message from MARK R...which I would now assume to have been from the PROJECTORS...MCDONALD had given me the image to demolish the building, in order to pass it on to PUTIN...the demolishing of the RA CULT.

  154. So one can assume that by this point - I had found 'john waters' - dealt with JACOB ROTHSCHILD and found the PROJECTOR island base...

  155. i have just done a google search for:

    windmill hill business park npower

    A surprising first result:

    PDF] The Company Secretary RWE Npower pic Windmill Hill Business Park ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    RWE Npower pic. Windmill Hill Business Park. Whitehill Way. Swindon. Direct Dial: 020 7901 7017. Wiltshire. Email: ...

    I have made a copy of the above letter for 'legal purposes' and I will post it upon LIVEJOURNAL fluctuant303 later on...


    Look at what people have to say about COLLECTIONS DIRECT and NPOWER:

    Anonymous said...
    Hello again,

    The letter I received had the following address (npower) on the bottom of it, however there was still no mention on nPower....

    "Registered Office: Rebyl Limited, Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB. Registered company no. 04043701"

    If you check this out on companies house (online) this is the same address as nPower Direct.

    The Company Name, Collections Direct doesn't exist in the records at companies house. Well, it does but it is a different business and registered address.

    The phone recording I have confirms that Collections Direct is just nPower (2 different people quite clearly confirm this).

    Now as far as I can see, the letter still mentions "nPower have advised us of your failure to pay..." which means that they are deliberately trying to convince the recipient that this is a 3rd party debt collection agency.

    If the Companies Act of 1985 has got you nowhere I would send them a written letter to their office in gateshead,

    8th Avenue
    Team Valley
    NE11 0SX

    saying that their threats will now be deemed, by yourself, to be harassment under the 1997 Protection From Harassment Act and the next time they send you a letter from "Collections Direct" take legal action against them. I am writing to them to say this and will take such action should they send me another letter.

    Saying that, I threatened them with the 1998 Data Protection Act (Section 4) for not keeping accurate records of my account as well as harassment action etc and the account has been cleared (last time I called to check). I think Energy Watch had also been on to them about this too.

    I am interested in taking the "Collection Direct" further, as this is nPower, no where on the letter does it mention nPower and for this, considering that Collections Direct is not even a registered company (I might even write to the registered collections direct to inform them of this impersonation) I think they are still in breach of the 1985 Companies Act.

    I'll have to look into this in further detail though.

  157. This comment made me laugh:

    Anonymous said...
    Interestingly I had come to the same conclusion that Collections Direct and npower are one and the same company. I have just started receiving their threatening letters claiming I owe money but the key difference between me and what I read on your site is that I am not nor have I ever been an npower customer and I have lived at my address for nearly 12 years now so what hope is there!


    I skimmed through to the bottom of the comments...knowing that this was an 'intelligence' site...and found quite a few references to:

    "AimTrust is what you need
    The firm represents an offshore structure with advanced asset management technologies in production and delivery of pipes for oil and gas.

    It is based in Panama with structures around the world.
    Do you want to become an affluent person?
    That`s your chance That`s what you desire!"

  159. An odd one - because I showed my mother a book that I am just about to begin to read:



    I 'know' that this TAILOR OF PANAMA - was supposed to be AMADEUS...

  160. My mother gave me this new book to read:

    A. S. BYATT

    I had seen the cover before...TOMLINSON had shown it to me...and said 'that's you that is' is of a sort of 'turquoise goddess' with gold hair...who is also a sort of DRAGONFLY.

    The image conjured up a remote-viewing code which MARK R had attempted to give me:


  161. I knew that the above code was a 'crash code' and ineffective upon myself...return to sender.

  162. New ILL SPAM in my inbox this morning:


    MIR- I - AM - LOU/LOO/WC

    That couldn't be easier - could it?

    If you would like to contact LOU - which I am sure you do not:


    Reading the first letter code backwards...OIAU stand out...what no 'E'?

    The ILL CULT had a big thing about the VOWELLS...



    Different people were assigned to diferent VOWELLS...shades of that book:


    (and the stealing of the Os)

  164. PYOIAUW(T)C

    The WTC if you include 'the'

  165. CAROLINE and I used to live in that ILL CULT cottage just down the road from BUCKFAST ABBEY where they made this wine:

    Buckfast 'features in 5,000 crimes'

    The tonic wine Buckfast has been mentioned in 5,000 crime reports by Scotland's biggest police force in the last three years, a BBC investigation has revealed.

    Almost one in 10 of those crimes in the Strathclyde Police force area was violent, according to figures obtained by the broadcaster under Freedom of Information legislation.

    During that period the Buckfast bottle was used as a weapon 114 times.

    Police said the figures suggested there is an association between Buckfast and violence.

    The findings are revealed in the programme BBC Scotland Investigates: The Buckfast Code tonight.

    During the programme Superintendent Bob Hamilton of Strathclyde Police was asked whether the figures mean that Buckfast can be said to be associated with violence.

    He replied: "I think it's clear from the figures that there is an association there."

    He added: "The figures are fairly clear that Buckfast is mentioned in a number of crime reports and over the period requested, the Buckfast bottle was used 114 times as a weapon."

    Buckfast is produced by Benedictine monks in a Devon monastery.

    The investigation also looks at the ingredients of the drink and how they may affect the behaviour of consumers, potentially making them anxious and aggressive if drunk in large quantities.

  166. I think that the connection between STELLA ARTOIS and violence is a bit more serious...STELLA RIMINGTON's slaves triggered to violence after drinking it...and the ARMY had spotted that connection a long time ago...

  167. Oh yes, my mother has given me £500 of the BROOCH money...

    RIMINGTON had told me to try 'playing the stock market' 'and then you loose it all'...NO WAY.

    I am sitting tight on this little 'nest egg'.

  168. LOSE/LOOSE...why the typo...loose/noose i suppose...

  169. Update upon



  170. My ORANGE MOBILE just rang - I got to it and answered it and immediately it gave the 'jingle' to say that I had run out of credit and switched off.

    So I check the 'missed call' and saw my mother's number.

    I topped up credit by calling 450 and found out that after topping up by £10 - I was now:

    £11.50 in credit

    Now, normally my phone doesn't 'cut off' when I still have £1.50 in credit.

    Anyway, I then rang my mother - she told me that they hadn't called me - we had a general chat and she said that they would call COLLECTIONS DIRECT this morning- my father had also thought that the letter looked dodgy - particularly in relation to PAYMENT methods.

    After this phonecall - I looked back at 'missed calls' to see that my parents 'missed call' upon their number shown...had been yesterday.

    So I had taken a call from somebody but who?

    I looked at CALLS RECEIVED to see that the last caller had left NO NUMBER.

  171. I have just written a new email which I will now send to PAUL CARTWRIGHT of NPOWER:


    It has come to my attention that COLLECTIONS DIRECT is operating as part of NPOWER’s network but upon a highly dubious legal basis - constituting a possible breach of various ACTS:

    1998 Data Protection Act

    1985 Companies Act

    1997 Protection From Harassment Act

    Kind regards,

    Emily Gyde

  172. I am now in CLACTON library - I figured that a good walk on the beach and then stop off at the local library might be a good idea...

    Just before I left home - two letters came through my door.

    One was from NPOWER.

    ...and a rather suspicious letter:

    "We need your help!
    Please send the letter back or call us"

    Why on earth would NPOWER want this letter sent back?

    This is what it is asking you to do:

    "Your electricity details

    We need to check your electricity meter details to help us ensure that we have correct metering details at BELLE COURT."

    You then have a table below in which to write in:


    TYPE OF METER (circle one)
    PREPAYMENT (key/token/card)

    Current meter reading (read left to right)





    FINAL READING ON OLD METER (read left to right)

    START READING ON NEW METER (read left to right)

  173. I can now see why they want the letter sent back to:


    They want you to fill in the tables.

    I shall post a scan of this strange letter upon LIVEJOURNAL once I get back home.

    Anyway, I also have a 'business reply service' letter Licence No. NTR 142 - and this person has jotted down their name in black ballpoint above the main address:

    CDC (in handwriting)


    NE1 6BR

  174. Funnily enough - whilst walking up BEACH ROAD to SAINSBURYS...I passed a TYNE something house and made a note of it...because the next house to the right had a GREEN SHED outside of it...and a GOLDEN DOOR handle...and i 'knew' that I should make a note of it...I will go back and check what number it was...I wonder who was programmed in this house? It has DARK BLUE STAINED glass which what appear to be ROSES upon the front door...

  175. Anyway, the reference upon this strange letter is:

    Our ref: AQF949777

    My account number given is:


    I need to check this - once I get home.

    I should probably put a scan up of all NPOWER correspondance that I have had so far...upon LIVEJOURNAL.

    Anyway, the number you have to call within the next 10 days is:

    0191 448 3344

    That looks like a rather expensive number to me...

    The number is also under NEIL SMITH's signature as well as:
    Complex Metering

  176. I get this now:

    Firstly MARK R and CO had hoped to force me to have both ELECTRICITY and GAS meters.

    Secondly this was all symbolic according to the programmming word:


    It is associated with MUSES of the ILL CULT:


    Also to METE out punishment to 'disobedient slaves'.

    Additionally - METEOR/TAIL OF THE COMET programming will be involved.


    I remember MARK R saying that the last bit meant OIL.

    Yes I can see why NPOWER would be using a 'house' with that sort of a name:

    CAR/OIL CULT reference

  178. I might add that the NPOWER letter was actually OPEN when it came through the letterbox...isn't that odd?

    The trianglular flap at the top, which should be stuck down...was up...

  179. The second letter was from HSBC - they have sent me a new CREDIT CARD because my old one expires 02/10.

    I have written my name across the back of the new one but I haven't activated it yet.


    Something is wrong but I haven't put my finger on it yet...the only difference between the two cards is that my old one had a GOLD square upon it...and the new one has a SILVER one...

  180. Also the strange reference above my name and address:


    Also upon the letter - there is a transparent plastic strip which covers

    SBC Bank Chip Card.'

    It doesn't cover the whole phrase as in:

    'Your HSBC Bank Chip Card.'

    There is no reason for this transparent strip to be stuck upon that part of a sentence within the letter, at all.

  181. There is also a barcode upon the letter:


  182. I remember now - MARK R telling me that I could be tracked wherever I went with this new can everybody else with these cards, big deal...but he seemed to be implying that the ILL CULT had doctored this particular card...put a microchip/tracking device within it...I have no idea and I really don't care...I shall keep it in my wallet with my other cards until I have decided whether or not to activate it...a little bird tells me to sit on that one for a while...

  183. Midday and NO reply from anybody at NPOWER...and I have contacted at least 3 people with emails - yet not one reply...but did I really think that there would be?


  184. I forgot to mention that after showing my mother the FATTY OWLS programming house upon PENFOLD ROAD the other day...

    I then showed her that house on the corner...number 28 ELLIS ROAD...and the GARAGE which had been cleared out...

    I pointed out the CHAIRS and the BLUE SOFA on the drive...all rather worse for wear...

    My mother nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw them...and then I remembered what had happened in that garage with the FATTY OWLS....that is ILL CULT doctors under mind control...

    RIMINGTON and CO had them all in there (all of the doctors I have met so far and on chairs - the chairs now on the drive)...they were all instructed to tell me how I couldn't win this ILL CULT game...

    I turned it round on them and lied...saying 'of course I cannot win it but can you think of any way that I could?'

    That rather flummoxed them all...I kept on pointing out a POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR pattern for them to follow until RIMINGTON gave up with me...

    So no wonder my mother's back alter was given a 'start' yesterday...when she saw those chairs on the drive...

  185. I am back at BELLE COURT now...

    I was tidying out my wallet this morning…and found a BRITISH GAS PAYMENT card…I then remembered that this was a major ‘trigger’ for BRITISH GAS to keep on hounding me…I do not know why…but my ACCOUNT NUMBER had been ‘changed’ at BRITISH GAS - probably by the REGIMENT and so this CARD was the only way of tracking the actual account…namely, the card number upon the front of it.

    So I cut it up into the tiniest pieces and dispersed them in several different places…because I ‘knew’ that the ILL CULT operatives (inc. some ‘police’) would then try to put the card together again…I had seen this happen - as a sort of ‘forensics’ job.

  186. So now that has been dispersed to the 'wind'...BRITISH GAS has no evidence and no legal right to keep on hounding me for a payment that should never have been asked for in the first place...nor should that DEBT COLLECTION agency...and it would all come out in court if they dared to come near me...

  187. I was studying the CARDS in my wallet...and realised that I still carried an ORANGE one:

    It was for the MARINE VIEW GUEST HOUSE.

    I thought about ORANGE CARDS in in the USA...all the US ARMY had to do, was to see the ORANGE CARD of the DIA (taken from my wallet)...and that was enough for them...I was a SPY and US born (so stop putting on that phony British accent)...

    I thought about the ORANGE CARD which TOMLINSON had produced out of his wallet (and numerous other cards of varying colours - which AIRPORT SECURITY then flicked through) and that was for the FRENCH POLICE...a detective department...that also 'worked like a dream'.

    I then thought about this MARINE VIEW 'ORANGE' card and decided that this wasn't going to 'work like a dream' upon anybody and so I am now going to tear it up and throw it away...

  188. I then looked at my NECTAR CARD and also my POST OFFICE ACCOUNT CARD:

    Both were a shade of AMETHYST from MAUVE to PURPLE- a ZYGOTE shade of colour.

    CAROLINE thought that the positive value of AMETHYST should also be taken into was something about wisdom but I cannot remember what...I shall keep these cards for the time being...

    Upon the subject of PEARLS...I bought some TAMPAX today which had an added packet with 'pearls' upon it as part of the design...

    "Oh no not the TAMPAX BOX/BOSS again"...oh yes, but it was a YELLOW box this time and not an ORANGE one - and a freebie on top of the main box - available from SAINSBURYS at this point in time.

  189. I have also have a EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD - RIMINGTON had programmed me with the numbers:

    0001 - DWP
    80826 00001 01 0930 0063

    UK 1679 2372

    Yes, that figures...MARK R loved the age 63 in relation to murdering his slaves before 64 years old.

  190. I also have a provisional driving license card - which I will never use again - so I shall cut that one up too:



    14-04-63 UNITED KINGDOM

    21-08-02 4b. 20-08-12 4c. DVLA

    GYDE9654143E99XN 36


    A, B, C1, D1, f, k, l, n, p, g, h

    BARCODE: 909072028601

  191. Yes, I remember now...the trail up the road opposite to my BELLE COURT flat window...ends at MARK R's house...opposite to the DVLA...

    This is all about the CAR INDUSTRY isn't it?

    ...naturally the ILL CULT would heavily program you with any DRIVING LICENSE...even if it is only 'provisional'...

  192. On the back of this PROVISIONAL LICENSE are categories which all end in 33:


    A (an motorbike symbol) (a 'from' date 19-05-87) and then a TO date: 13-04-33

    Here are the other categories:

    B (car symbol) FROM 21-07-85 TO 13-04-3

    C1 (lorry symbol) FROM 21-07-85 TO 13-04-33

    D1 (bus symbol) FROM 21-07-85 TO 13-04-33

    fkinp FROM 21-07-85 TO 13-04-33

    gh FROM 21-07-85 TO 13-04-33

  193. I can now remember MARK R saying:

    "Nobody ever gets that far (in the 13TH ONE ILL CULT game)...they never write down the above" as in to expose it - whatever it means...

  194. I forgot to add my number 5 licensing number:

    GYDE9654143E99XN 36

  195. Looking at this card - it is odder than it seems...

    The front is LIGHT GREEN with WHITE STRIPES as in WAVES...saying 'provisional'...

    ...and the back has the same LIGHT GREEN as a background...with TRIANGLES in WHITE...either reversed or not...

    If you wave the card can see that upon both sides...the above changes to DVLA as in a hologram...

    The word PROVISIONAL is in an odd typeface upon the back - the O's are much bigger than the other letters:


  196. The categories of data upon the card are:

    1. surname
    2. other names
    3. date and place of birth
    4a. licence valid from
    4b. licence valid to
    4c. issuing authority
    5. license number
    9. category
    12. information codes

    Information codes is BLANK. are numbers 13 and 14.

    In summary:

    I have these numbers represented upon the card:

    7. (signature)
    12. blank
    13. blank
    14. blank

  197. The odd thing in all of the above is that the CARD tells me what codes 1-12 mean but NOT what box 13. or 14. mean.